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Alaric is grading term papers. Jo calls him. Someone moves in the shadows.  He is abducted. Jo is shocked when a police officer arrives asking about Alaric and strips.

Jo, Bonnie and Elena are in the diner.  Bonnie informs Elena that she knows about the cure. Elena contemplates being human.

Alaric tries to talk Damon out of taking the cure and asks him to talk to Stefan. 

Stefan and his mother are chatting.

Tyler is trying to be friends with Matt, but Matt is annoyed.

Damon is at the clock tower. Elena and him chat about taking the cure.

Lily ambushed Bonnie and Jo and got ready to bite Jo, but stops and tells her she's having twins and leaves.

Damon and Elena contemplate becoming human and take the cure.

Elena flashes back to several moments during their relationship.

The cure undid the compulsion.

Elena is human and Lily is not having it. She attacks Damon.

Lily tries to attack Stefan, but Damon attacks her and injects her neck.

Jo tells Alaric about the twins. Alaric tells her that after the wedding, they will disappear. Jo says no, but Alaric tells her that she and the kids are her life.

Kai makes breakfast for the gemini coven and then speaks about getting ready to go home.

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