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On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15, Mystic Falls prepares to say goodbye to Sheriff Forbes. Caroline wakes up in the Salvatore mansion and finds Damon in the kitchen. Everyone else is asleep in the living room but he's working on Liz's eulogy. Damon tries to open up to Caroline and Caroline shuts him down. 

She asks her friends to help her bury her mother and do it all in one day instead of five. As Caroline and Elena leave to go shopping, Bonnie is celebrating day 278 in the prison world. She plans to leave during the eclipse. 

Jo and Alaric discuss skipping the funeral because she's sick when Kai shows up on her doorstep asking for help. Jo has food poisoning, but Kai is vomiting blood. He hopes Jo will be able to fix him.

As Damon prepares for the funeral, he remembers helping a young Stefan dress for their mother's funeral. In the present day, Stefan finds Damon getting dressed for Liz's funeral. Stefan asks Damon for advice about Caroline. He doesn't know how to handle talking to Caroline about their kiss now that Liz is gone. Damon tells Stefan to break it off if he doesn't love Caroline because Caroline wants and deserves the real thing.

Elena coaches Caroline on how to deal with people who might discuss Liz's life and death and Caroline blurts out the fact that she kissed Stefan and needs to talk to him about it. Elena advises her to wait until the following day but Caroline says she can't.

Jo examines Kai and determines there's nothing medically wrong with him. When he accidentally absorbs some of her magic and starts to feel better, he realizes that the merge with Luke is killing him because he merged with the wrong twin. He tells Jo she needs to give him her magic so that their coven won't die. Alaric steps in and Kai reveals that there is more than one prison world. They will all collapse if he dies.

Bonnie travels into the cave with the ascendant to await the eclipse but when it's time to perform the spell, the sky goes totally dark and it begins snowing. 

Damon still isn't finished writing the eulogy and he can't seem to finish it because doing so requires him to be nice. Elena tells him the eulogy is about Caroline and not about him and he remembers missing his mother's eulogy and Stefan's disappointment. 

Jo and Alaric discuss what she should do about Kai's situation. He tells her that he'll love her no matter what she decides.

Caroline arrives at the church before the service begins and sees her mother in the coffin. Stefan is there and she admits she's not doing well and brings up their kiss. Stefan looks away, unsure what to say to her, and then tells her they need to talk about their kiss when they're alone and she's made it through the day. Elena arrives next to tell Caroline it's time for the service to begin. 

As Bonnie walks through the snow-covered woods, she experiences the Aurora Borealis and finds a cabin which appears to be empty. She's been transported to November 1, 1903.

Tyler shows up late to the service and drunk. Matt won't let him in the church in his inebriated state, stating that Caroline deserves better from her friends.

The police force perform special rites during Liz's funeral and Damon gives his eulogy relaying Liz's final hopes for Caroline to those in attendance. Caroline sings her mother a song and something happens to Stefan as he watches her sing. 

At the Grill, Matt talks to Tyler about their futures and Matt says he's filling out an application to become an officer in Mystic Falls. He picked one up for Tyler as well. Caroline leaves the Grill and Elena tries to walk her home. Caroline says she needs to be alone. 

Bonnie wanders around the house in 1903 and learns that she's in the home of someone who knows Damon and Stefan. In the present day, Jo agrees to give Kai her magic which causes a ripple in Bonnie's world. She ends up back on May 10 with barely enough time to complete the spell and as she runs the prison worlds continue to merge. Bonnie sees the face of the woman trapped in 1903 just before she's sucked out of her prison world.

Jo finishes the spell to give Kai her magic and he whispers something in her ear telling her to have a good life. Jo is pregnant. Alaric proposes and Jo says yes.

Stefan meets Damon at the bar and Damon apologizes for not giving the eulogy at their mother's funeral. Stefan tells Damon that he was wrong about Caroline. He feels something for her but he doesn't quite know what. Damon tells him to go get the girl.

Caroline enters her house and breaks down as she sees all the memories of her mother. She senses Elena behind her and Elena tells Caroline she knows what Caroline is planning. Caroline admits she wants to turn off her humanity so that she doesn't have to feel the pain of losing her mother. 

Damon walks into his kitchen and finds Bonnie there making pancakes. Stefan walks into Caroline's house to find Elena with a snapped neck and Caroline gone. Bonnie shows Damon the video she filmed while in the prison world and Damon recognizes the mysterious woman Bonnie saw. It was his mother.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Stefan: Look, something happened between Caroline and me.
Damon: Oooh, finally.

Hey, Blondie. Today isn't the worst day of your life. Today and tomorrow, it's a cakewalk. There'll be people around you day in and day out like they're afraid to leave you alone. The worst day? That's next week when there's nothing but quiet. Just a heads up.