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Damon visits Alaric and his daughters to find out if he's heard from Caroline. Three years in the future, the two are engaged. From there we flash all the way back to the 1800s on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 6. Stefan is having a dream of what life as a human with his son might have been like. He's teaching the boy, Jacob, to hunt, when he mysteriously disappears. Stefan awakes to find Caroline sitting on the couch next to him when Valerie walks down the stairs in a towel.

Caroline is quite unhappy to find Valerie there and offers to drive her to the airport so she can leave Mystic Falls when she learns that Lily plans to raise Julian from the Phoenix Stone. They don't know they're already too late.

Across town, Beau is practicing fencing with Julian who seems not to have missed a beat in his 100 years inside the stone. Lily suggests a dinner party so that Julian can meet her sons and sends Beau to invite them. 

Alaric has taken a break from babysitting Jo, but Bonnie calls to tell him they can't leave her alone, especially not in public. She's going to the Salvatore dinner and Jo is trying to read a laptop like a book.

Damon informs Stefan he's not attending Lily's dinner party because he plans to wait for six months before killing Julian. Stefan throws a wrench into that plan by telling his brother he plans on killing Julian at the party.

Caroline tries to convince Valerie to change her name and move 9000 miles away from Mystic Falls. Valerie assumes Caroline knows about her history with Stefan and is surprised to learn he kept their secret from his girlfriend.

Stefan arrives at the party to find Damon has decided to attend after all. He's there to stop Stefan from following through on his plan to kill Julian at Lily's civilized event. Just as Damon and Stefan discuss "rearranging the furniture," Julian introduces himself to the boys. 

The rest of the party guests arrive. Nora insults Mary Louise. Enzo tells Bonnie she's his date for the evening. Bonnie insults Lily. The party is a hit.

Enzo overhears Julian asking Beau if Oscar might have hidden one of his prized possessions and introduces himself to Lily's lover shortly after. Bonnie helps make Lily jealous by pretending to be Enzo's date.

When Jo begins coughing up blood, Alaric calls Caroline and Valerie to help. Caroline tries to heal Jo with vampire blood, but it makes matters worse. Valerie believes the problem is that Jo's body is human but there's a vampire soul inside.

Julian entices Mary Louise to feed on a server at the party after telling her that the problem with Nora is that she's bored. Bonnie gets weird vibes from a party guest who seems compelled to find the high school and Matt gets a call about some urgent business. Stefan and Damon wander through their house to see what's been changed and Stefan again tries to convince Damon to kill Julian sooner rather than later.

Stefan uses Matt to incapacitate Damon and goes in search of Julian. The two begin to fight in the kitchen when Lily walks in. Julian tries to teach the Salvatore boys a lesson and begins beating them up for disrespecting their mother. When Julian raises a stake to kill them both, Lily stops him and tells her sons to leave.

Alaric gets a chance to say goodbye to Jo. 

Bonnie and Matt visit Mystic Falls High School to look for the party guest who was compelled to find his way there. In a trance, the man walks right past Matt and Bonnie without even seeing their faces and Bonnie and Matt find a classroom full of people compelled to be there. 

While Caroline tries to help Alaric with Jo's body, Valerie watches Jo and Ric's wedding video past the explosion. She listens to the chanting done by the Gemini witches in attendance and believes that what Kai thought were his relatives trying to send him back to the prison world was a coven trying to save their next generation.

Damon and Stefan get home and fight over how Stefan shouldn't have attacked Julian. Stefan tells Damon about the baby and why he wants Julian dead.

Valerie helps Alaric search for his twins. 

Julian tells Lily he doesn't recognize the version of her who doesn't want to move on from her biological children. He gives her a sob story about not feeling like himself and being scared that he will do something to hurt her and says he wants a plan to keep himself safe.

Alaric and Caroline discover that the babies are inside her.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Lily: Bonnie, I know we've had a rocky past, but I hope this means you're willing to start fresh.
Bonnie: You're the reason I'm never going to see my best friend again, so I hope you're joking.

Huh. Looks like mom raised her man crush from the dead...