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As The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 16 begins, Stefan makes a run for it with Rayna's sword leaving Damon behind with the huntress. Damon fights her off in order to give Stefan a head start at getting away from her.

During a flashback to the day Damon entombed himself, Stefan and Valerie discuss his newfound mortality and how knowing Rayna's after him and that if she dies he will die makes him feel human. She proposes they go on the road to search for answers about his scar, possibly having a grand adventure at the same time.

Nora has spent the past three years as a prisoner of the Armory. She learns they've been using Mary Louise for research purposes and that Mary Louise is sick. Nora agrees to help them track Enzo in order to save Mary Louise's life.

Enzo realizes that Matt was the one to release Rayna from the Armory, though the Armory believes Enzo did it. Enzo confronts Matt about the lie.

Stefan summons Valerie to Dallas so she can do the transfer spell and Rayna helps Damon realize that taking Stefan's scar will cause him to die right around the time Elena wakes up due to the fact that she (Rayna) is mortal. 

Rayna reveals that the scar is a window into Stefan's life. Through it she can see what he sees and she used that window while she was held captive by the Armory. She watched as Stefan and Valerie traveled the world and grew closer and she developed a soft spot for the younger Salvatore. 

Nora catches up to Enzo and Matt and Matt is able to escape. Enzo learns that the pills made from Rayna's blood are poisonous to witches and calls a truce. Damon calls Enzo to ask for his help in capturing Rayna. Enzo brokers the deal. Stefan arrives at the drop zone. Nora arrives and learns that there is no cure for Mary Louise's poisoning, which means there's no cure for Bonnie. 

Valerie shows up to the tv station to heal Damon from a werewolf venom infection and once he's better he stabs her in the neck and takes her captive. Damon realizes she has known about the transfer spell all along but never told Stefan. Valerie believes she was protecting Stefan by keeping Damon in his coffin. Damon accuses her of being selfish. They argue and he agrees to take the scar. She begins the spell.

Rayna forces Stefan to confront the truth about his relationship to his brother. When Stefan's scar reopened, Damon was the first person he thought to find. Rayna stabs Stefan and sends him back inside the Phoenix stone. 

Nora and Mary Louise leave the compound with plans to spend the last of Mary Louise's living days together. Rayna attacks them and throws her sword inside their car, marking Nora in the process. Mary Louise and Nora sacrifice themselves and destroy the Phoenix stone.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

Hashtag, you're welcome. Are hashtags still a thing? It's been three years.


Damon: Now I know why Stefan digs you. You're a take charge kind of girl.
Valerie: And you're a self-serving narcissist.