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Damon prepares to break into the Armory while Stefan and Caroline keep running from Bonnie and Enzo tries to stay one step ahead of her. When blowing the door open doesn’t work, Damon wants to use Caroline’s children to siphon the magic off the door. Caroline refuses.

Bonnie and Matt drive and he begs her to untie him so that he can stop her from killing their friends. Something inside her won’t let her do it. 

Enzo visits Virginia in the hospital for information about the evil hiding within the Armory. When she won’t talk, he compels her to do so. In Dallas, Alaric and the girls are having cookies for breakfast. After their phone call, Caroline confesses to Stefan that the girls have already begun siphoning magic. Bonnie calls and tells them to drive faster. Just as she’s about to crash her car into them, Matt takes the wheels and crashes them into a tree instead.

Stefan and Caroline part ways when he figures out that Damon plans to use the girls against Caroline’s wishes. While Stefan is thwarting Damon’s plans, Caroline calls Alaric to discuss using the girls to get into the Armory. He agrees to use the girls so that the girls can see their mother again.

Matt and Bonnie survive the crash, but he’s stuck in the car and badly injured. She uses that as an opportunity to get away from him so that she can continue hunting their friends. 

Stefan catches up to Damon outside the Armory. Before the girls get there, the brothers discuss the difference between love and fear. 

Caroline and Alaric arrive with the girls and try to explain to them that they’re magical so they’ll tap into their powers in order to siphon the spell off the Armory doors. It works and the Armory opens. Enzo’s part in the plan is to lead Bonnie away from the Armory. Damon and Stefan go inside.

Enzo lures Bonnie to their cabin where he’s preparing a meal, perhaps their last together. She shoots at him. 

Damon and Stefan, who were told not to go inside the vault, reach the entrance and it’s the last place to look for the body of the final Everlasting. Damon won’t let Stefan join him inside the vault. When Stefan leaves the Armory, Caroline runs to him, right in front of Alaric.

Bonnie and Enzo continue their brawl in the cabin. She stakes him and then begs him to fight back, a task he finds difficult to complete. In the vault, Damon wanders through its halls in search of the final Everlasting. He burns the corpse just as Bonnie is about to push the stake all the way into Enzo and she’s set free. 

Her scar gone, Alaric tells Caroline to stay behind with Stefan. They break up but he promises her they’ll always be a family.

Matt Donovan has been in the woods the entire time, bleeding out, when he starts hallucinating Penny. He asks her to take him with her, but it’s not his time yet. 

Damon still hasn’t come out of the Armory yet, but he sends Stefan a text asking for bourbon. Caroline and Stefan make up. Damon calls Bonnie to find out that he’s forgiven and while still in the vault he begins hearing Elena’s voice and goes toward it. 

Bonnie and Enzo go to the Armory to rescue Damon and Enzo enters the vault, closing the door behind him on his way in, meaning none of their friends can follow. He’s taken by whatever’s inside. Somehow Damon and Enzo manage to escape. Bonnie’s magic didn’t return after her turn as a huntress so she can’t locate either of them.

Three months later, they hear rumors of missing people all around the country and realize that Damon and Enzo have gone on a killing spree.

The Vampire Diaries
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