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At the beginning of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7, Damon and Alaric are on a mission to take out the hunter searching for Stefan. Damon plans to take her out while Alaric stands guard. Damon is taken out with vervain darts.

Caroline takes a pregnancy test to find out whether or not she's carrying Alaric's twins while Stefan readies the house for Thanksgiving and invites his mother for pre-holiday festivities in an attempt to recruit her to their side. Caroline's pregnancy test is negative. She gets a call from Matt alerting her to the compelled people in the school and at the same time he learns that the Grill is also full.

Stefan lays it out for Lily that he wants her to help them get rid of Julian and he leads with the truth of Valerie's pregnancy and Julian's beating. Lily isn't ready to listen to Valerie's story and doesn't believe Stefan is telling the truth. Stefan poisons her with concentrated vervain so that he and Damon can do things "the hard way."

Bonnie and Enzo go in search of Oscar's car. She counsels him on how to get Lily to love him and they find an ancient dagger hidden inside the trunk. 

Damon and Stefan try to convince their mother that she has a pattern of choosing terrible men who are psychopathic. Damon remembers the year his father made him behead his own turkey so they could serve it at Thanksgiving. Lily rationalizes her past choices. 

Caroline gets to the Grill and learns that the compelled people in the Grill are being used as human blood banks. The courthouse is also full. None of them are being fed upon, but they are being fattened. Caroline throws up which confuses both herself and Matt and she decides to call Valerie to siphon away the compulsion.

Enzo arrives at the boarding house and Julian answers the door. Enzo sizes up his competition.

When Valerie arrives at the Grill, she outs Caroline as being pregnant with Alaric's twin babies. Matt stands on in confusion and Caroline continues insisting she's not pregnant. She turns on the charm and Valerie tries to siphon out the compulsion from all of the people in the restaurant.

Julian and Enzo walk through the woods, with swords, to a clearing in the woods and begin to fight.

Damon continues torturing Lily with vervain ropes and memories while Stefan plays good cop. Damon shares a memory of a time when his father punished him for an offense he didn't commit by burning his son with a cigar. Lily admits to knowing what Giuseppe did that night and then a cut appears on her neck. Her life is linked to Julian's and she senses that someone is trying to kill him.

During their fight, Enzo reveals he has the dagger and Julian runs away. Caroline re-compels all of the people at the Grill and tells them to leave Mystic Falls. She begins to wonder if she might be pregnant but refuses to discuss it with Matt. Beau shows up and Valerie tries to reason with him but he mind whammies them. She's able to cast a spell to make them invisible.

Enzo walks through the woods looking for Julian and follows a blood trail to the cemetery where his fight with Julian is renewed.

Lily confesses that she took the money and had planned to use it to get herself and her sons out of Giuseppe's house. He found the train tickets she'd purchased with the money and burned them after beating her.

Enzo and Julian continue to fight, but just as Julian is about to kill Enzo, Damon shows up and incapacitates his mother's lover. Julian wakes up and Damon stabs him with the mythical sword. Lily feels the repercussions.

Bonnie finds Alaric getting drunk in his office when she shows up to research the sword. She discovers a connection between the sword and the stone. The sword only works when paired with the stone. Meanwhile, Enzo and Damon believe Julian is dead since they do not know about the connection between the sword and the stone. When Enzo learns that killing Julian means killing Lily, he punches Damon. Julian wakes up and throws the sword at Damon.

Valerie and Caroline get out of the Grill and Valerie is overly concerned with Caroline and the babies. Valerie reveals that she was pregnant once upon a time and tried using the spell to save her unborn child and Caroline puts it together that the baby was Stefan's. 

Stefan gets to the cemetery and saves Damon from Julian, who tells them all that Damon stabbed him with the sword knowing it would also injure Lily. Damon doesn't deny hoping that he would be killing them both even though Lily and Stefan are both incredulous.

Matt finally gets in touch with Bonnie and he's angry that she didn't answer the phone. He called Tyler and Jeremy instead. Enzo shows up at the Skull bar for a drink with Bonnie and says he's giving up on his quest to win Lily's love. Bonnie approves.

Stefan and Damon have an argument about how to deal with their mother. Damon sees the matter in black and white while Stefan longs to forgive her. Lily confronts Julian about fighting Enzo in the woods knowing their lives were bound and about killing Valerie's unborn child. He lies about both events and she sees through them. 

Caroline and Alaric visit a doctor to confirm the pregnancy but nothing shows up on the ultrasound. Valerie enters the room and siphons magic from Caroline realizing that the Gemini coven cloaked the babies. The see two babies on the ultrasound.

Lily returns to her sons to tell them that they were right and she has a plan to escape Julian, this time without getting caught.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Enzo: Well, if Julian wants it, so do I.
Bonnie: Are we talking about Oscar's car or Lily?

Damon: Wow. Did I ever mention I like your style?
Stefan: I had a feeling we were going to have to do this the hard way.
Damon: Best...Thanksgiving...ever.