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Caroline arrives in New Orleans with the twins and learns that Klaus is no longer in the city. No one has seen or heard from him in three years.

In the present, Stefan is headed to New Orleans with Valerie’s help. She tells him he shouldn’t stop moving, ever, just as the line goes dead. As he’s checking out, Rayna catches up to him, but he manages to escape.

While Stefan is on the run, Damon and Bonnie follow a lead from Enzo which introduces them to a group known as the Armory, a society of supernatural artifact collectors with the potential to save Stefan by capturing Rayna Cruz. In exchange for helping them, the Armory has promised to give Enzo information about his birth family.

Enzo’s plan is to lure Stefan to the Armory so that Rayna will follow. Bonnie and Damon agree.

Alaric breaks the news to Caroline that he’s leaving Mystic Falls for Dallas so that he can fulfill his promise to Jo to leave town by taking care of their babies. She volunteers to go with them to help Alaric care for the twins.

Stefan arrives in New Orleans and sets out to find the safe house. Klaus finds him, curious as to why Stefan’s hiding in the only place where magic can’t reach him. It isn’t long before Klaus asks about Caroline.

Matt can’t find Caroline or Rayna, but Valerie shows up with information. Mary Louise and Nora stop off in a gas station for food and end up discussing their relationship and starting over. Nora gives Mary Louise a Ring Pop as a token of their relationship. The Armory kidnaps them.

Valerie and Damon discuss their plans for catching Rayna Cruz and keeping Stefan alive. She tells Damon he can’t trust the Armory. They will use his as bait and not care if he dies so long as they catch the Huntress. Bonnie confronts Enzo about his decision to turn on his friends in order to find out about his family. He tells her why he’s so eager to know more.

Enzo knocks Bonnie and Damon both out to keep them in the Armory. Damon wakes up next to Tyler; he’s in a coma following the beating he received from Damon. They’re waiting for a full moon to wake Tyler and heal him and Damon is trapped inside the room unless he reveals Stefan’s location.

While Bonnie’s in a magical timeout thanks to an injection from Enzo, Tyler begins to wake and finds Damon in the room. 

Caroline and Alaric stop in a diner. Just as she begins discussing nannies, the babies wake up and start crying. Again.

To try and keep Tyler from biting him, Damon injects him with whatever he can find. It doesn’t work. 

Enzo tells Bonnie that all he really wants is someone to want to save him the way she wants to save Damon. She hits him with a vase and runs off to save her friend. Damon calls Stefan to ask for an antidote to a werewolf bite.

Stefan catches Klaus up on all the happenings he’s missed leading Klaus to wonder why Stefan’s not with Caroline. Stefan’s wound begins to bleed and Klaus reveals more of Rayna’s history, which started in New Orleans. Klaus tells Stefan to leave town and never return.

Stefan’s phone rings. It’s Caroline. Klaus answers. He senses Caroline’s frustrations and vows to keep Stefan safe. Then he tells Caroline it’s okay to love the babies as if they were her own. 

Damon continues trying to break out of the cell while Tyler is in transition. Bonnie can’t get Damon out of the room without Enzo’s hand so she chops it off in order to save Damon.

Stefan calls Valerie just as Matt learns that Rayna’s on his tail. He decides to go off road in his Jeep and ends up in the bayou and is attacked by Rayna. Klaus saves him just before the werewolves come out. 

Bonnie gets Damon out of the cell but Tyler gets out too. He knocks Bonnie unconscious before running off and she won’t heal with Damon’s blood. 

Enzo finds himself back on a stretcher in the cell. His hand has been reattached effortlessly. He decides he’s done working for the Armory and as he tries to walk out, he learns that the Armory is his birthright and the woman he’s been working for is his family.

Caroline and Alaric make it to Dallas and manage to get the girls to sleep. They share a meal and she asks to stay the night. 

Damon sits by Bonnie’s side in a hospital room and tells her that he will heal her once the magic is out of her system, but in the meantime, she’s a terrible friend for almost dying on him.

Klaus returns Stefan’s phone and asks if he loves Caroline. Stefan says that he ended up being stabbed by Rayna in order to save Damon, and Klaus tells him to let Caroline go. 

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 14 Quotes

Doubtful. We only go to New Orleans for crappy booze and Klaus blood.


Stefan: So, how are Elijah and, uh, whoever else you brought back from the dead?
Klaus: Oh, you know the Mikaelsons. Never a dull moment.