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Damon, in the midst of another existential crisis, finds himself in the middle of a dark street in the middle of the night, trying to find a way to feel better. 

Caroline writes to Elena and Stefan helps fulfill her pregnancy cravings before she collapses on the bed. 

Matt is still in jail and tries to explain his bag of vampire killing devices as something he confiscated from Zombie Apocalypse survivors. The officer hits on him before letting him go. She also lets him know that Mystic Falls’ former residents are getting called back to reclaim their homes, news which fills him with fear.

Valerie interrupts Julian’s displays of machismo to hand deliver a little red X from the huntress. Bonnie and Nora try to track the huntress and find her in Ohio. Mary Louise shows up with a red X postcard of her own. The three head out on a road trip to find Rayna and destroy her.

Julian instructs one of his minions to kill Valerie, but Damon beheads him first. 

Caroline ends up in the hospital after the babies cause her to collapse. Once the doctor leaves, she and Stefan see that her hand is desiccating. 

Julian recognizes that Damon is in the middle of a downward, self-destructive spiral and decides not to kill him, opting instead to play games with the elder Salvatore.

Mary Louise is jealous of the budding friendship between Bonnie and Nora. Caroline and Stefan learn that the babies are siphons, stealing Caroline’s vampire nature in order to keep themselves alive.

Bonnie, Nora, and Mary Louise arrive at a hospital in hopes of finding Rayna Cruz, the huntress after them. Instead they find an old woman.

Julian has created a fight club for his new vampires. The winners get the houses of former Mystic Falls residents. The losers die. Julian suggests Damon get inside the ring in order to feel pain.

Matt returns to Mystic Falls and begins checking the abandoned houses for new inhabitants. He finds a dead man in Doug’s house and the deputy who took him in follows him inside. They kill a vampire and she learns Mystic Falls’ secret.

Valerie gives Caroline a talisman to wear which should provide the babies with an alternate source of magic from which they can draw. Caroline thanks her and then Valerie informs Stefan that Damon is with Julian at the Mystic Grill. 

The girls meet with Rayna Cruz who doesn’t remember them, and doesn’t seem to know much of anything at all. Nora’s decision to side with Bonnie doesn’t sit well with Mary Louise. 

Damon gets inside the ring and takes out two of Julian’s men. Someone throws him a weapon to help him in the second battle and Julian decides that the third fight will be against himself. Stefan shows up and asks Damon to leave with him, but Damon refuses, deciding instead to fight Julian.

Bonnie brings the old lady an oatmeal cookie and learns that she really is the huntress. She ended up in the hospital after staking an innocent human. While the huntress is choking Bonnie to death, Enzo shows up and throws a knife into her throat.

The fight between Damon and Julian reaches the point of Damon on the mat begging Julian to rip his heart out. Valerie interrupts the proceedings so that Stefan can save his brother.

Bonnie learns that Matt had Enzo captured by a rogue vampire hunting group, but that things didn’t turn out how Matt planned. When Bonnie returns with the girls, Enzo is gone, and so is Rayna’s body.

After leaving the fight club, Damon finally tells Stefan that he burned Elena’s body. Stefan punches Damon in the face and then walks away, resolving to kill Julian for everything he’s taken from them.

Matt inaugurates the new deputy into a life of living among vampires. She asks why he’s staying and he says it’s because there’s nowhere to hide once you know the supernatural is real. 

Mary Louise confesses her love for Nora. Caroline has a chat with the babies and finds that she’s still desiccating. 

Stefan shows up at the Grill again and, with Valerie’s help, kills Julian. 

The mysterious woman from the fight club follows Damon home looking for a thank you for her assistance during his fight. She looks enough like Elena that he’s willing to forget she isn’t his love.

Enzo delivers Rayna’s body to an incinerator and burns her corpse to ash. She is reborn as a younger version of herself, which explains how she was able to survive for so long. 

In three years’ time, Stefan shows up looking for Caroline and Matt stabs him with vervain before communicating with the huntress that he never wants to see her again.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

You know, we’re not meant to like each other, you and I, so thank you.

Caroline [to Valerie]

Mary Louise: Since when do you eat disgusting garbage food?
Nora: Since I stopped caring about getting that exact reaction.