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Matt and his father travel home to Mystic Falls to lay Tyler to rest. As he passes into town, Matt calls his friends to let them know why he's home. Stefan wonders is Damon has passed the point of no return. Alaric takes a turn writing to Elena when Seline arrives to take the girls off his hands for the day. 

Bonnie continues drying Enzo out in hopes she'll be able to convince him to flip his switch back on. She makes the mistake of cutting him out of his vervain ropes too soon and when he tries to leave, learns that he's trapped in the cabin by a magical object on loan from the Armory.

Alaric confronts Sybil about Tyler and Georgie but can't get any information. He sets an intern on the path of finding her while everyone else goes to the forest to bury Tyler. Damon has dug four more plots and plans to bury everyone who remains. He goes after Matt first and begins the process of turning Matt into a vampire and insults Caroline and Alaric in the process. 

Caroline gives Bonnie advice about how to handle Enzo and channels memories of her mother to do it. Bonnie gets a new idea about how to interact with Enzo. 

Stefan, Caroline, and Alaric contemplate ways to deal with Damon. Stefan's plan is to put him down so he can't hurt any more people. While they're talking, Damon visits Sybil demanding to know why he's still doing her bidding. She gets under his skin by accusing him of being a disloyal servant. 

Matt and his dad go through Tyler's house and begin packing up the Lockwood Manor. Matt has trouble dealing with the fact that he has vampire blood in his system and lashes out at his dad because Pete doesn't understand vampires and the supernatural world. A box arrives from the Armory and Tyler and Matt begins going through it. The box contains clues about the Sirens.

Seline takes the girls to a carnival and charms the booth worker into giving the girls a goldfish even though they didn't earn it. The goldfish is dead, so she tells the girls they'll give it a proper burial. Stefan gets a text calling him to the carnival. 

Bonnie returns to the cabin with  a cannister of gasoline and begins pouring it all over the cabin. She plans to make Enzo face his greatest fear which is a fear of being alone. To force him to face it, she decides not to leave the cabin. If he doesn't turn his humanity back on they both may die.

Stefan goes to the carnival where Damon once again asks for his help. Stefan tries to convince his brother to flip his humanity switch but Damon refuses. Caroline shows up and shoots Damon full of vervain so they can put him in the cellar until they're ready to let him out.

Bonnie and Enzo are inside the cabin and for a time it appears she underestimated his worst fear. She repeatedly says she's not leaving him and he doesn't care. When she passes out from smoke inhalation, his emotions kick in and he readies himself to save her.

Seline and the girls prepare to "bury the fish" but what Seline is actually doing is channeling the girls' magic to summon Cade. Enzo gets Bonnie out of the cabin but won't leave. She runs back into the cabin to try and put out the fire and Enzo saves her once again, refusing to die.

Stefan puts Damon into a coffin and ties him up with chains. The plan is to keep him in the Salvatore family crypt until the threat of the Sirens is past. Matt continues poring over the notes from Tyler's package. Pete convinces him he's the right guy to carry on Tyler's work.

The police find Georgie's body and call her fellow intern. He leaves the Amory which means Sybil is unguarded. She uses her magic to break the glass on her vault and free herself. As she leaves, she takes the tuning fork for herself.

Alaric, Caroline, Stefan, and Matt rendezvous at the carnival with Bonnie and Enzo. They've all gathered to give Tyler a proper goodbye. 

Sybil rescues Damon from his coffin. Matt recognizes Seline's picture and identifies her as the second Siren. When Alaric and Caroline arrive home, the girls are gone.

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Welcome to your psychic hell.

Alaric [to Sybil]

Stefan: I'm at a loss with Damon. I don't know what to do with him anymore.
Caroline: Maybe the best thing to do is to mourn Tyler. We all owe him that.