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Stefan manages to revive Bonnie after she meets Elena and Enzo in the afterlife. 

Damon rushes to stop Vicki, but she says she is not ready to give up on the bell. Matt tries to talk her around, but she says she wants to die because hell is so bad. 

Matt initiates evacuation protocol in Mystic Falls. 

Damon and Stefan show up at the mansion and think Elena's alive, but it's Katherine. 

Alaric tells Caroline he is not leaving town without her and she should leave for the kids. 

Stefan finds Elena at the school, but her body has a curse so she can't leave. 

Damon continues to pursue leads to find a way to get rid of Katherine, but she tells him she's getting all the satisfaction she wants by having them squirm to save Mystic Falls. 

Caroline reluctantly decides to leave Mystic Falls to be with her family, while Stefan stays behind to tell Damon they should leave. 

The couple embrace one last time as Caroline departs the town.

Bonne realizes that she can send the hellfire back to hell and destroy it if Katherine is in it. Damon decides to be the one to sacrifice himself, but Stefan appears to say he will be staying to the death and opts to send Damon away. 

Katherine tries to escape when she realizes she is done for, but Damon throws something at her to knock her out. 

Peter and Matt go to see Vicki and tell her they are there to see her one last time. She is taken aback. 

Damon compels Stefan to leave Mystic Falls and Bonnie starts her spell because Vicki rings the bell one last time. 

With the power of Enzo and her ancestors, Bonnie managed to send the hellfire back. 

In the end, Stefan revealed to Elena that he took vervain and gave Damon the cure, so he sacrificed himself. 

Bonnie moved on and went traveling with Enzo with her, Caroline and Alaric started the magic school. 

In peace, Elena reunited with her family, while Damon returned to Stefan. 


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