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Stefan continues his Ripper bender while Damon drinks in a bar. Sybil calls and asks Damon to return an iron ball he took from Peter Maxwell and Damon can't say no. 

Bonnie returns from Paris and her trip with Enzo and Caroline spies a vial of Enzo's blood around her neck. She suspects Bonnie has a plan to turn into a vampire and doesn't seem to like it. Seline calls to fill Caroline in on Sybil's plans to destroy the weapons that can be used against her. Seline wants to kill her sister.

Caroline calls Matt and Dorian to put them on the case of finding the other pieces of the bell before Sybil can get her hands on all three. Damon and Stefan show up to the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, much to Caroline's dismay.

As Damon wanders through the building, he remembers his first dance with Elena. When Sybil tries to go inside his mind, he's able to fight back against her for the first time. Neither of them understand what's happening.

Without his humanity, Stefan insults Caroline about her inability to move beyond her "glory days." Bonnie tells Enzo she can't become a vampire since her life is still linked to Elena's. Dorian finds Seline and tortures her for killing Georgie.

Caroline sees Damon upstairs at the pageant and he tells her that he needs Sybil to fix whatever has gone wrong in his head. She believes that the necklace should be enough to bring his memories back and he accuses her of maintaining her optimism so that she can remain hopeful that Stefan will return to her.

Matt breaks into Seline's house to try and find the bell but her bell guardian tries to attack him. 

While dancing, Damon continues having flashbacks of his dance with Elena. Enzo and Bonnie have a discussion about their future and what the vial of blood really means. Damon agrees to show Sybil where he hid the striker.

Caroline tries to send everyone home early from the pageant, but Stefan has people compelled not to leave. Instead of giving Sybil the striker, Damon hits her over the head with it. Stefan tells Damon he's leaving Mystic Falls alone, but first, he takes the striker.

When Stefan makes a move to kill the pageant contestants, Caroline throws a piece of broken wood at him to save the girls. Stefan wakes up and Caroline breaks up with him.

Bonnie schemes to get Enzo the cure before Damon can take it. Damon chains Sybil up in the basement and as her revenge, she flips his humanity switch back on for him.

The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Take it from me. Elena Gilbert never really goes away.

Stefan [to Sybil]

Seline: I sure am trusting you. With a weapon of terrible power.
Caroline: Well, I sure do love a weapon of terrible power.