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A week has passed since Katie found out Nick was her father and she's been staying with Patricia and Ron. Olivia also comes to stay with them after claiming that her father kicked her out. 

Katie and Sarah get together to meet with Claire and Max about possibly adopting Katie's child. They later argue, and Sarah tells her that she never told Nick that she was pregnant. 

Gabe goes to his internship at his fathers firm, and his father makes him sit in on a deposition with Sofia. This upset Gabe and he quits. Gabe and Sofia later hook up at his apartment. 

Enzo goes to Gwendolina's apartment with Ben and asks her on a date. 

Ben goes to see his estranged wife who lives a few streets over, and the two of them go out for coffee. 

Ron talks to Olivia and expresses to her that she should work things out with her father. 

Enzo and Gwendolina get stuck on the subway and turn it into their own date. 

Sarah admits to Nick that she still loves him and the two have sex. Katie stops by Nick's to ask him questions and the two decide to make dinner together. While in his apartment, she finds the picture of herself and Sarah when she was younger and storms out angrily. She later goes to stay with Liam.

Sarah confronts Nick after seeing the photo. And she later tells him that he should leave. 


The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sarah: We're not on the same page, Katie.
Katie: We are about adoption.

Nick: Well, I guess we should look at the bright side. Some kids run a whole city away, she went three floors.
Sarah: Her bed's just an empty.