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Nick goes back to the Village and runs into Patricia. While they're talking, Liam calls Nick and tells him that Katie is in the hospital. 

Sarah leaves her date with Ethan and arrives at the hospital. 

Ben goes on a bender, and Dana picks him up. 

After Katie starts bleeding, the doctors fear that her placenta has detached and she goes into labor. The labor is complicated, and the baby is not breathing when he is delivered. The baby eventually starts breathing on his own, but the doctors fear he was oxygen-deprived for too long. 

Katie decides that she wants to keep the baby and not give him up for adoption. She names the boy Cooper, after Nick's best friend who died in combat. 

Dana brings some of Derek's belongings to Ben. 

Patricia goes into surgery, and while Ron is waiting, Gordon comes to pray with him. 

Enzo decides to propose to Gwendolina, and he enlists his friends from the nursing home to serenade her. She accepts his proposal. 


The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I will attend my surgery. But I will not let this cancer take me from my girls.

Patricia [to Ron]

Gabe: Pop, what's wrong?
Enzo: I wanna get married again.