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The series begins with teenage Katie leaving her apartment building and crocheting a heart into the fence of a construction site. She is caught on camera, and when her mother, Sarah, picks her up she reveals that she is pregnant. 

Staff Sergeant Nick Porter moves into The Village, and Ron shows him around his new home and Ron takes him to his neighborhood bar.  

At the VA hospital, Enzo's best friend passes and he and his friends decide to leave for the day and have a drink at Ron's bar. Enzo takes his grandson Gabe's credit card to pay for the drinks and he tracks him there to get his card back. 

Nick gives his card to the gentleman and they travel to a nearby amusement park to celebrate their deceased friends memory. 

Ava is detained by ICE who believe you she has been living in the country illegally. Her neighbor Ben is tasked with looking after her son Sammy, while Gabe visits her to discuss her options for counsel, as he is law school. 

During the party on the roof of the building, husband and wife Patricia and Ron share a moment, but she decides not to tell him about her recent doctor's visit. 

The service dog who helped save Nick's life while he was overseas at war gets delivered to him. 

It is soon revealed that Nick is Katie's father, but he and Sarah decide not to tell Katie at this time. 

The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Gabe: It's kinda crazy you met all your best friends at an amusement park.
Enzo: Family is where you find it, kid.

Sarah: You know, most people don't have a lifelong friend.
Enzo: I guess I'm most people now.