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Katie tries to sneak out to paint, but she is caught by Patricia who decides to join her. 

Nick goes to talk to Sarah, but Amy interrupts them. Later, while Sarah and Nick are working at Smalls, Nick tries to talk to her about them sleeping together but Sarah declines.

Amy comes to Smalls with Deacon and after confronting Sarah about an earring she found in Nick's apartment, she leaves distraught. Nick then tells Deacon that he and Amy were sleeping together. 

Olivia comes to sing at Smalls, without telling her father. He shows up to bring her home, which causes Ron distress. 

Sofia asks Gabe to ask his father to write a letter on Ava's behalf, as the judge on her case is an old friend of his. Gabe's father, in turn, gives him an ultimatum, forcing him to choose between Ava's case or his internship. 

Ben gets Gwendolina's address and he and Ben go to her apartment. The Gwendolina living there is not his Gwendolina, but later he gets a basket of cannolis and a note from Gwendolina with his phone number. 

Liam takes Katie to the house of a woman he works for, and the two hit it off. Katie thinks she may want to give her baby to the woman. 

Deacon goes to Nick and beats him up, causing Sarah and Katie to rush upstairs. Katie spots Nick's tattoo and realizes that Nick is her father. 


The Village
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The Village Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I always wondered how an ankle bracelet would feel. You'll have to let me know.

Patricia [to Katie]

Sammy: Is she your girlfriend?
Enzo: She would be if I had gotten her full name. I lost her.
Sammy: Ben's a policeman. He can help.
Enzo: You're a genius, kid.