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On the fourth episode of The Walking Dead...

- Amy and Andrea are fishing and talking about their father teaching them to fish.

- Dale watches Jim dig multiple holes.

- Daryl attempts to shoot T-Dog because of the bloody hand but Rick stops him. They start to follow the trail of blood through the building.

- Shane and the rest of the survivors confront Jim on his incessant digging. Shane wrestles him to the ground. They tie Jim to a tree.

- Glenn devises a strategy to retrieve the guns. Unfortunately another group of survivors captures Glenn and take the guns. Rick captures one of the other group’s members.

- Rick attempts to make a trade for Glenn, but the leader of the other group wants his the bag of guns as well.

- Rick arrives ready to fight for Glenn. Philippe’s grandmother stops any violence from happening and instead leads Rick to Glenn. There are many people hiding out in this building.

- Rick and company is forced to run back to camp because someone stole their van.

- The survivors celebrate a birthday around the campfire, but are interrupted by a group of zombies. They bite Ed, Amy, and a few other survivors. The group retreats to the RV.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Daryl: I aint so worried about some dumb dead bastard.
Rick: What about a thousand dumb dead bastards. Different story?

No crying in the boat. It scares the fish.