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Carol leaves to find Negan. Daryl goes to help. 

Carol says that it was because she wanted to find more out about what the Whisperers are up to. 

They find the place the hordes come and go from and watch them. It reveals what they do to the hordes. 

Carol accidentally makes a noise and the Whisperers come knocking. Daryl has to douse himself in walker guts to keep them away from him. 

When he finds Carol, she has kidnapped a Whisperer to take home. 

Beta wants to kill Negan but Alpha would love nothing more than to allow him to live. 

She wants to test him. Beta tries to overrule her and it results in a crazy fight between them. 

Negan passes his test and Alpha welcomes him into the group. 

Negan tries to make fun of Beta again. 

Eugene makes a new friend on the radio after Rosita ghosts him and they both agree not to tell anything about their communities until they trust each other. 

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Negan: So cards on the table, then? Cool, I dig that. See, I'm not here for you. I am here for Alpha, so you go ahead, and you throw your little tests at me, and you scowl and throw me on the ground like a five and dime Frankenstein. I don't give a shit. see, big man, I ain't going anywhere
Beta: Finally...something we both agree on...you won't be going anywhere
Negan: Wait a minute, did you just make a goddamn joke? I would be impressed if I wasn't so pissed off right now

Alpha: Test him. If he's worthy, I will hear him. If not, then, I kill him.
Beta: It is a mistake showing him our ways.
Alpha: Your questioning of my judgment has become a regular occurrence.
Beta: He is a threat.
Alpha: To Alpha, or to Beta?
Beta: I think only of our people.
Alpha: Is it finally time for the Beta to become the Alpha?