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Yumiko says she is going on a mission to save Magna and Connie, but she and Kelly are shocked to hear Lydia and Daryl say the Whisperers are marching to the Hilltop. 

Eugene continues to talk to the woman on the radio and finds himself in trouble when Rosita finds out about it. 

He told Rosita he liked the woman and Rosita quizzed him about it. She asked him for a kiss, and he couldn't do it. 

The woman said she would meet Eugene in seven days if he wanted to, and he said if he survived he would. 

Carol asks Daryl if he hates her and he says he could never hate her and walks away from her. 

The horde arrives and the heroes get ready for the latest fight, which pits them against many people. 

Eugene's electric fence fails and the Whisperers start to slingshot oil at everyone, and then fire. 

Someone is set on fire and the Whisperers close in when they block everyone from returning to Alexandria. 

This causes problems because the kids are still locked inside. 


The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Lady: Don't tell anyone yet.
Eugene: Will do, Waterloo. I promise.

Daryl: You okay?
Ezekiel: Nah, I got cancer. But that’s okay, ya know what I’m saying?