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The journey continues through the station, and everyone hides out on the subway.

Negan has a bit of guilt for what he did to Maggie, but he's shocked when she winds up on the subway cart. She clocks him, but admits she would have did the same to him.

Walkers are passing and they all hide out in the cart.

Gage gets locked outside because the walkers are on the way. Alden and Negan want to save him, but Maggie says they can't take the risk.

Gage stabs himself to avoid being eaten by a walker but he's too late and gets feasted upon very quickly.

Daryl saves everyone else when it gets too tough, but when they escape the place, the Reapers start shooting at them.

They split up and run off.

At the commonwealth, everyone is put through processing, and things take a turn for the better when Yumiko says she can help with legal things as she was a lawyer.

The journey is expedited and everyone gets into the compound but they continue to say they met on the road and don't have a place to live in.

Stephanie is happy as larry to have Eugene there.

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