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Lydia prepares to leave Hilltop, but a man appears and says that people are bad.

He's badly injured and dies.

Lydia talks Maggie into investigating what happened and they prepare to drive to get answers.

They are stopped by a group of zombie commonwealth soldiers, and prepare for the worst.

Aaron comes running towards them.

One week earlier, Aaron asks Gabriel to go on a mission with them to bring a community into the fold.

Gabriel is skeptical, but they embark on the mission anyway.

Toby tells them to go into the building alone, but things take a dangerous turn when the four go in.

They are all left in a shocking situation when the leader becomes unhinged.

But Toby shocks them all when he kills the leader.

He starts taking everyone else out and killing them, pushing everyone to work together against the Commonwealth.

Negan appears and it turns out he's been running with the River Bend people and sent the message to the Hilltop so they were aware of what happened.

The episode ends on a big cliffhanger as Toby throws people off buildings and reels in the rest of the soldiers.

How will our survivors make their great escape?


The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 13 Quotes

Elijah: You need an escort?
Lydia: Why?
Elijah: It's a long walk, you know? Might get bored. That's all.

Maggie: We're not going.
Lydia: Maggie, he died begging for our help.
Maggie: I understand it. But we're barely holding on as it is.
Elijah: Someone we know must've sent him. Could be from the Commonwealth, or Georgie...
Maggie: Or it could be a trap. We go to help and leave the Hilltop open to attack.