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On this week's The Walking Dead…

Glenn blabs to Dale that Lori is pregnant and there are walkers in Hershel's barn.

Dale confronts Hershel, who claims that walkers are still people. They are just sick. He tells Dale to keep quiet.

The group practices shooting guns. Andrea is the best at it, except she's not good with moving targets.

Shane and Andrea follow a lead for Sophia and run into a group of walkers. They escape and then have sex.

Lori asks Glenn to go back to the pharmacy for morning after pills. Maggie accompany's Glenn, but is upset that he told Dale about the walkers in the barn. He saves her from a walker in the pharmacy.

Dale tells Shane he should leave the group and Shane tells him not to mess with him.

Lori takes the morning after pills but throws them up.

Rick discovers the pills and confronts Lori, advocating to have the baby. She's not sure if she wants it.

Lori also reveals that she and Shane had sex.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

What? No pictures?


Glenn: Are you trying to buy my silence with fruit?
Maggie: Of course not. There's also jerky.