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On this week's episode of The Walking Dead...

Andrea and Michonne witness a helicopter crash.

A group of men converge on the crash. Merle, Daryl's brother, is a part of the group and captures the two along with the lone survivor of the crash.

They are brought to the town of Woodbury, where it is run by The Governor. It is a small community with electricity, food, water, protection.

The Governor invites Andrea and Michonne to stay, although Michonne is more wary than Andrea.

One of the Governor's men reveals Michonne's armless walker pets served as repellent.

The Governor learns of the location of the helicopter survivors' army mates. He brings his team and slaughters them, while retrieving the goods.

Andrea asks for the Governor's name but he refuses.

The Governor walks into a locked room and sits down to stare at countless heads within fishtanks. 

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