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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Morgan tells his story to the Wolf that he refused to kill.

Through flashback, we see crazy Morgan, focused on killing and clearing.

He even kills a father and son.

He comes across Eastman, who puts him in a cell before determining what to do with him.

Eastman tells him his story about learning to use his staff, about how he got up in the woods, about his family being murdered, about him killing the murderer, and about it not brining him peace.

He sets out to train Morgan and bring him back to caring about life again.

Morgan slowly starts to change, and he even sees that Eastman buries the walkers.

During a training session, Morgan zones out, and Eastman jumps in front of a walker attack to save him.

Eastman is bit, and later kills himself when he is ready.

Morgan, with a new code to not kill and his fighting skills, he travels off to find Rick.

Back in present day, the Wolf tells him that he is thankful for Morgan sparing him but that if he gets out, he will kill everyone, including Morgan.

Morgan leaves him locked up in one of the houses.

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