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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Daryl and Rick go on a supply run.

The two discover a goldmine worth of supplies, but they run into Paul “Jesus” Monroe, who steals the truck and leaves them behind.

Daryl and Rick catchup and get the truck back. Jesus escapes his bindings and gets on the truck.

Daryl and Rick chase Jesus down. Jesus saves Daryl but is knocked out by the truck rolling back into the water.

Rick and Daryl take Jesus back to get checked out by Denise.

Michonne follows Spencer into the woods. He is trying to find Deanna and finish her off.

Spencer does find her and kills her as a zombie.

Carl and Enid hang out in the woods, but Enid longer wants to hang out there.

Michonne and Rick hook-up after their long day of “work.”

Jesus appears and tells Rick they need to talk.

The Walking Dead
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