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On this episode of The Walking Dead…

Negan has lunch with Carl, Judith and Denise while waiting for Rick.

Rick and Aaron find a way across the walker-infested waters to get some items, though there is no ammo.

Spencer offers up his scavenged items.

Spencer decides to meet with Negan and ask him to put him in charge of Alexandria. He also  tells Negan that Rick causes problems and will continue to do so.

Daryl escapes the Sanctuary, and Jesus helps him get out.

People bring Carol a lot of fruit and vegetables believing she can’t get them herself.

One member of the Kingdom asks Morgan and Carol to help convince Ezekiel that they need to fight the Saviors before the deal is broken and the Kingdom is destroyed.

Negan rips out Spencer’s guts after calling him out for being sneaky and calling Rick out while he was gone.

Rosita shoots Negan, but it hits his bat.

Rosita refuses to give up who made the bullet, and Negan tells Arat to kill someone. Arat kills Olivia.

Eugene reveals he made the bullets, and Negan chooses to take him.

Rick returns and learns about Carl, Spencer and Rosita’s actions.

Michonne returns from her trip and tells Rick she wants to work together. He says he knows.

Rick and company arrive at the Hilltop for a reunion. Daryl is there and he hands Rick back his gun.

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