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Morgan is on lookout in the woods and sees visions of Gavin, taunting him. Gavin continues to appear and taunt Morgan throughout the episode, reflecting Morgan's guilt on letting Henry to head down a dark path byt not killing Gavin himself.

As the Saviors are spotted, Morgan signals to others members as it eventually makes its way back to Hilltop.

As everyone prepares for the Saviors to arrive, Henry asks Carol for a gun so that he can help defend the Hilltop. However, Carol and Ezekial decline the boy's request.

When the Saviors eventually arrive at their doorstep, Maggie radios to speak with Negan, but Simon answers, telling her that Negan isn't there but is acting on his orders.

Maggie threatens to execute the captured Saviors if Simon doesn't stand down, but Simon merely writes them off as expendable. Before Simon can order his men to knock down their gate, Daryl comes riding through and begins shooting the Saviors as Hilltop begins attacking as well.

During the fight, multiple members of Hilltop are wounded, including Tobin, but the injuries are not seen as terminal. However, Hilltop is unaware of the infected weapons that the Saviors are using.

Suddenly, the fight stops and as Simon and the Saviors advance, a trap is sprung as the Hilltop continue their assault as Rick shows up to aid them.

Reluctantly, Dwight is forced to fight at Simon's demand, and he ends up wounding Tara in the shoulder.

Simon and the Saviors eventually retreat.

Everyone that was injured during the fight is treated in the medical bay. However, the infection kills Tobin -- among others -- during the night and they reanimate as walkers and attack everyone at Hilltop while they sleep.

After Maggie, Rick, Carol and Daryl jump into action to try and diffuse the situation, Rick deduces that the Saviors were using infected weapons. Tara is informed of this revelation since she was also injured, and comes to terms with her imminent death.

During the whole ordeal, Henry steals a discarded assault rifle and confronts the captive Saviors, demanding to know which one of them killed his brother Benjamin. He unlocks the gate and enters, threatening to begin shooting everyone if the culprit does not come forward.

Jared tackles Benjamin when he becomes distracted, taking his gun and releasing the rest of the Saviors.

The following morning everyone searches for Henry, who is now missing.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Maggie: I wanted them dead. All of them -- Negan most of all.
Rick: Yeah, me too.

If I knew that getting stabbed would get your attention, I would have done it a lot sooner.

Tobin [to Carol]