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In a flash forward, Rick and Judith visit Jerry and Siddiq, who have become viable members of the community.

Through a flashback, it is revealed that Carl was bitten while helping Siddiq back the woods when they encountered the Walkers. After coming to terms with his impending death, Carl uses the remaining time he has left to write good-bye notes to everyone. Carl also makes lasting memories with Judith, including a Polaroid selfie and making hand prints together.

Morgan witnesses how the Saviors escape the Sanctuary, and leaves to warn the others.

Carol leads the escaped Kingdommers away to safety. Morgan meets up with Carol and informs her of Ezekial's capture. Henry insists on going with them so he can take revenge on his brother Benjamin's death, but Carol objects.

Morgan and Carol are able to successfully save Ezekial and kill the Saviors holed up in the Kingdom. Morgan plans on killing Gavin, the one Savior whom Ezekial feels is not beyond redemption. However, before Morgan can kill him, Henry appears and kill Gavin instead.

Ezekial attempts to reassure Henry that everything will be okay, but Carol is far less comforting.

While hiding underground from the Saviors attack on Alexandria, Rick and Michonne attempt to come to terms with Carl's situation. Carl introduces Rick to Siddiq, who he revealed to be a doctor.

They debate on moving everyone to Hilltop, but Dwight insists that they wait it out until Negan's forces leave, which they all agree to. Carl says goodbye to Judith before Daryl leads her and the others to Hilltop, while Rick and Michonne stay by his side.

Rick and Michonne move Carl above ground to the church. Carl explains to Rick the way he sees how things can be and how there has to be another way other than fighting. Although at first reluctant, Rick agrees and promises to make Carl's vision real.

Carl, Rick and Michonne exchange a tearful goodbye. Carl intends to shoot himself with his own gun - sparing Rick or Michonne of having to do it themselves.

Outside the chapel, Rick and Michonne wait for the invitable. As they hear Carl's gun fire, Rick crumbles to the ground in despair.

In a final flashforward, Judith runs up to say hello to a man with his back turned who is helping in Alexandria. The man turns to greet Judith with a smile, who is revealed to be Negan.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

It's not too late to walk back from something decided.


Ezekial: I've ferried my people to freedom. What befalls me now matters not.
Gavin: It matters, you idiot!