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In a flashback at the Kingdom prior to the attack on the Saviors, Ezekial and the Kingdommers prepare for battle, and bid farewell to their loved ones.

Ezekial professes that they will win and they will all return. However during their rejoice, the scene cuts back to the aftermath of the previous episode, with all of the Kingdommers massacred.

Ezekial climbs out from beneath the pile of Kingdommers that tried to protect him, and is devastated when he realizes his people have been killed. Shortly after, the dead Kingdommers begin to turn into walkers and proceed to come after Ezekial, who suffered an injury to his leg and is unable to get away.

Luckily, he ends up being saved by one of the few surviving Kingfommers, but is quickly killed by a Savior that was in hiding. The Savior takes Ezekial hostage and intends to bring him back to the Sanctuary to answer to Negan.

The Savior brings Ezekial to a locked gate that they are unable to get through, and when the Savior is distracted, Jerry appears and cuts him in half. Jerry helps Ezekial to his feet and attempts to protect him, but the Kingdommer Walkers continue to approach in increasing numbers.

Meanwhile, Carol has infiltrated the building where the Saviors sprung their trap on their group and notices they have huge M2 machine guns at their disposal. Carol is able to take out the handful of Saviors, but is forced to flee when more show up who finish loading up the weapons with the intention on bringing them to the Sanctuary.

Carol follows them outside and a gunfight ensues. Outnumbered and outgunned, Carol devises a plan to catch the saviors off guard by opening the electronic gate, allowing a herd of walkers into the compound as they begin attacking the Saviors.

With only two Saviors left and with limited ammo, Carol tells them to surrender, but she then notices that Ezekial and Jerry fending off walkers at the locked gate in the distance. Carol is put in a predicament on whether to help her friends or prevent the guns from leaving the compound.

Carol opts for the latter and saves Ezekial and Jerry, while the two Saviors make off with the guns. However, Carol says they will not get far when she hears Daryl's motorcycle in the distance.

Rick and Daryl appear and chase down the Saviors who fled on the truck. Rick eventually jumps into the truck, stabs the Savior, takes over the wheel and runs the truck off the road.

Daryl heads to the crash site where an injured Rick climbs up the hill to meet him, as they declare that they have the guns.

Jerry and Carol help Ezekial through the woods in an attempt to make it back to the Kingdom, but they end up being overrun when they have to traverse through a pit of walkers.

Shiva appears and kills some walkers, but is unfortunately outmatched by all of the walkers and killed. The walkers feasting on Shiva provides a distraction in order for Carol, Jerry and Ezekial the chance to escape.

They arrive back the Kingdom with the Kingdommer's loved ones waiting, only for them to realize that the rest of them did not return.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Jerry: Thank you your majesty.
Ezekial: For what?
Jerry: For being such a cool dude.

Jerry: Get behind me.
Ezekial: No!