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A flashback shows how Jadis survived the mutiny at the hands of the Saviors by faking her death.

In present time, Jadis is shown entering her living quarters which is in pristine condition. She takes Lucille and pulls Negan out of a shipping container while he is strapped to a cart.

When Jadis threatens to burn Lucille, Negan reveals that the reason his bat means so much to him is because it is named after his wife. Negan shows remorse for what happened to Jadis and her people and attempts to plead with her.

Negan is able to get get his hands on a gun and a flare and threatens to burn Jadis' only photos of her family.

Jadis and Negan struggle and the flare gets knocked into a puddle, which extinguishes it.

Jadis becomes infuriated when a helicopter overhead approaches, but does not notice the flare, and leaves.

Negan promises to make things right, and although Jadis is hesitant, she eventually releases him. Negan offers to bring Jadis back with him, but she declines.

On the drive back to the Sanctuary, Negan picks up an unseen person.

Morgan and Carol go on a search for Henry, while Rick goes hunting for the escaped Saviors.

Eventually, Morgan parts ways with Carol, having given up hope of finding Henry. Morgan eventually meets up with Rick and both of them agree to go after the Saviors together.

While searching for the Saviors, they end up being knocked out and captured by Jared and the rest of the escapees. They come to and find themselves in a abandoned building. Jared's plan is to bring Rick to Negan in hopes of getting back in his good graces.

Morgan begins taunting Jared by yelling, which draws a herd of walkers right to them. Rick and Morgan are set free and both sides join forces to eliminate the threat. However, once they have the opportunity, Morgan and Rick begin killing the Saviors.

Jared and Morgan get into a brawl, but Morgan traps Jared behind a gate with walkers and is torn apart.

Rick asks Morgan why he saved him when they first met. Morgan replies that it's because his son Duane was there.

When Rick and Morgan return to the Hilltop, Morgan tells Henry that he avenged his brother Benjamin's death.

Between Morgan's words about saving him because of his own son and Michonne's insisstence, Rick finally reads Carl's letter.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Morgan: You can't save the dead Carol.
Carol: You're not dead.
Morgan: No, not me. I don't die. I just see it. Again and again. Even when I look away, I still see it.

Everyone else that got injured in the battle got sick. That can't be an accident.