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After the assault on the Sanctuary, Aaron leads an attack on another Savior outpost. Alexandria kills numerous Saviors and waits for them to turn into walkers to begin attacking the other Saviors from within the compound.

During the gunfight, Eric is wounded and Aaron attempts to get him help.

Elsewhere, Tara, Jesus and Morgan lead an assault on another outpost. During their raid, some Alexandrians are killed. Jesus finds a Savior hiding who pretends to surrender, Tara advises on killing him while Jesus rebukes the suggestion. However, the Savior catches Jesus off guard and uses him as a shield while holding him at gunpoint. 

Jesus is eventually able to disarm the Savior but still refuses to kill him, and instead ties him up. They eventually corner and outnumber a group of Saviors in hiding and get them to surrender.

Morgan hunts down and kills every Savior that he comes into contact with. He eventually runs into one of the surrendered Saviors that killed his protege Benjamin, but Jesus prevents Morgan from killing him.

Carol, Ezekial and some other Kingdommers attempt to track down one of the Saviors the slipped away during the last episode, and prevent him from alerting the others of their attack.

They eventually catch up with him, just as Shiva appears and mauls the Savior. However, they realize that the other Saviors have already been alerted, but Ezekial says it does not matter.

Rick and Daryl raid another compound in an effort to locate more weapons in their continuing fight against the Saviors. They eventually decide to split up in order to cover more ground. 

Rick is attacked by a Savior, and after a brief scuffle Rick is able to overpower him and impale him on a broken shelf. Rick takes the Savior's keys, thinking a certain locked door is the armory, only to discover a baby in the room that the Savior was protecting the baby.

As Rick continues to search the compound, he is caught by another Savior who holds him at gunpoint. Rick turns to him and realizes that the Savior is none other than Morales, who Rick met in during the first season.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

I don't die.


Jerry: Protect the king!
Ezekial: Protect yourselves!