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Messages exchanged between Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom in order to let the communities know of each others progress.

Rick visits Jadis and the Scavengers and attempts to recruit them once again to fight alongside him and his group. He shows the Scavengers the photos of the fallen Saviors as evidence, but Jadis still refuses and decides to imprison Rick.

At the Hilltop, Maggie, Jesus and Gregory debate on how to deal with the captive Saviors. Jesus says they need to be moved into the Hilltop for safety concerns, whereas Gregory insists that they need to be slaughtered.

Overnight, the Hilltop workers end up constructing a containment cell, and Maggie allows Jesus to lead the prisoners into the community and are thrown into the cell. Gregory expresses his displeasure with the decision, and Maggie decides to have Gregory thrown in the cell as well.

Carl tracks down the man that Rick chased off in the premiere and is introduced as Siddiq. Carl asks him the three questions to gain his trust, and proceeds to lead him back to Alexandria to join his group. Along the way, the encounter a group of walkers and they both work together in order to dispatch them.

Michonne and Rosita agree that they need to see the Sanctuary for themselves in order to believe that the Saviors have fallen. When they encounter a warehouse where the Saviors are planning to use a sound system to lure the walkers away from the Santuary. While the Saviors initially escape, they are stopped in their tracks and Daryl and Tara show up.

They tell Michonne and Rosita that they have work to do, and intend on finishing what they started.

At the Kingdom, Ezekial sits along in the auditorium holding Shiva's chain. Carol visits him and attempts to inspire him to be the "King" again, but Ezekial says that he cannot be what his people need him to be.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Siddiq: You have to honor your parents, right?
Carl: If I was honoring my dad we wouldn't be talking right now.

Jadis: Shot you.
RIck: You grazed me.