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Jadis lets Rick out of his container and proceeds to take pictures of him, as she intends to make a sculpture of him. Rick tells her that it's not too late to join him, but he is thrown back in and locked up.

Dwight confronts Eugene in his room and tells him that all he needs to do is let everything happen that has been set into motion, and Rick's group will win. Eugene stands against Dwight and tells him that if he continues to work against the Saviors, he will have no choice but to inform Negan of his betrayal.

Eugene visits Gabriel in the sick bay. Dr. Carson informs Eugene that he has numerous infections and that he doesn't have the proper medicine to treat him. He asks Eugene to stay with Gabriel while he goes to look for some herbal remedies that could help. Gabriel wakes and asks Eugene about helping him get the doctor to Maggie at the Hilltop. Eugene replies that based on their current situation, this is not possible.

Daryl and Tara arrive at the compound with Michonne and Rosita. After Rosita and Michonne see the compound overrun for themselves, they realize that the plan should continue as it has and they both decide to head back to Alexandria. Daryl and Rosita, with the help of Morgan prepare to enact their plan.

Negan calls to meet Eugene in the boardroom where Negan urges Eugene to come up with a plan to fix their situation before things get out of control. Eugene heads to the basement and finds the ipod that Sasha was listening to while she was in the coffin last season.

Eugene attaches the ipod to a remote controlled plane in an atempt to lure the walkers from the Sanctuary. Before Eugene can activate the gadget, Dwight appears from behind and holds Eugene at gunpoint, urging him to stop. Eugene refuses and begins to launch the plane, but is subsequently shot down by Dwight.

The gunshots trigger Tara to open fire on the Sanctuary, as Daryl drives the truck right into it, leaving a huge opening where the walkers begin pouring in. The walkers begin attacking the Saviors as they all retreat to higher ground. Eugene meets with Negan and plans on telling him about Dwight, but when Dwight enters the boardroom as well, Eugene decides against it and instead tells Negan his plan for helping the Saviors.

Rick is released again but this time Jadis intends to turn a walker loose on him. Rick quickly gains the upper hand, dispatching the walker and pinning down Jadis, forcing her to tell her people to release Rick. Jadis decides to join Rick and he takes them to an outpost near the Sanctuary, where he looks on in horror as he finds the walkers that surrounded the Sanctuary are all gone.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Eugene: It's an acronym I concocted: Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom. I considered going with KAH but it remains a hair too onomatopoeia.

Rick: It's not too late for you. My offer still stands: you can join us ... or you can die.