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Rick finally reads Carl's letter where Carl reminisces about life before the apocalypse and how safe Rick always made him feel. Carl wants to make Rick feel that same way again by making peace with Negan and noting that they don't have to forget what Negan did, but make it so it never happens again.

Negan makes his return to the Sanctuary, much to the surprise of Dwight and Simon. Negan calls a meeting with his lieutenants and expresses his displeasure with Simon's recent antics and insubordination. Negan tells Simon to get on his knees, preparing to hit him with Lucille, but instead tells him that all is forgiven.

During the meeting Negan reveals a plan on attacking the Hilltop. Later on, Dwight writes Negan's plan on a map in order to relay the information to Rick of the impending attack. Dwight is visited by Simon, who tries to coerce him into a revolt against Negan and take him out for good. Dwight reluctantly agrees.

Later on, Simon and a few select Saviors meet Dwight in from the Sanctuary, however after Simon reveals their plans, Negan appears having heard everything, revealing that Dwight set Simon up.

Negan tells Simon that if he wants to be the leader, then he needs to earn it. The two have a fight in the Sanctuary, with Negan ultimately coming out victorious as he strangles Simon to death.

Dwight gives Gregory Negan's plan and has him flee to deliver it to Rick.

Negan tells Dwight on numerous occasions how he appreciates his loyalty. However, when Dwight returns to his room he finds Laura, the Savior that escaped and witnessed Dwight's betrayal, whom Negan found on his drive back to the Sanctuary.

Negan reveals that the plan he revealed to Dwight was fake, sicne he knew Dwight would inform Rick. Negan tells Dwightt hat he has plans for him.

Gregory returns to Hilltop and presents the plan to Maggie, who turns to Rick asking what their move is going to be.

Michonne radios to Negan and reads him Carl's letter to him, in hopes that it would cause Negan to stand down and rethink his intentions. However, it falls on deaf ears as Negan tells Michonne that there is no way out.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

[reading Carl's letter to Negan] I hope my dad offers you peace ... I hope you take it. I hope everything can change, it did for me. Start over ... you still can.


I got plans for you.