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The group find themselves trapped in the graveyard surrounded by fog as the Whisperers close in. Daryl and the others are able to locate a way out and escape. However, the Whisperers use the herd to follow them.

On their way back to Hilltop, Daryl and Michonne enounter a couple of Whisperers masquearding as walkers. One of them is killed while the other is taken captive by Daryl and Michonne.

After escaping his cell Negan attempts to sneak out of the Alexandria, only to be caught by Judith. Unable to shoot him, Judith allows him to leave as Negan takes Judith's compass to help find his way.

Upon his arrival at the Sanctuary, Negan finds it abandoned with the exception of a few Saviors who have since turned. Realizing that he has nothing left out in the world, he reluctantly returns to Alexandria where he is greeted by Judith who accompanies him back to the community.

With Daryl and the others having yet to return, Alden requests the help of Luke to form a search party as the two head out to find the others. However, during their journey they have a run in with the Whisperers and are subsequently captured.

Daryl and the others eventually make their way back to Hilltop and imprison the captive Whisperer who reveals her name is Lydia. Daryl attempts to interrogate her to find out more about her group and why they atacked them, but Lydia denies knowing anything.

Henry is revealed to be in the next cell over and forces Daryl to stop threatening her. As Daryl leaves, Lydia thanks henry for helping her.

Michonne and Daryl discuss what to do with Lydia, and Michonne tells Daryl that if she doesn't talk then they'll have no choice but to kill her.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

Two man band. Symphony of awesome!


Judith: I told you there was nothing out there.
Negan: You sure as shit did.
Judith: Language! I'm a kid, asshole.