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A flashback shows Jesus brings Ezekial a document of laws that each community has collaborated on. Ezekial looks forward to the day of having the document signed by each community leader in order to put the laws into effect. In the present time, however, it is revealed that the document remains unsigned.

In preparation for the fair that hopes to unite the communities, Ezekial and members of the Kingdom go on a run to a nearby theater in order to retrieve a projector bulb in order to have a movie night at the fair for the children who have never seen one before.

The theater is overrun with walkers, but the Kingdom is able to lure them our using a boombox and are able to dispatch the herd and retrieve the projector bulb.

At the Hilltop, Alpha demands her daughter, Lydia, be returned to her. When Daryl refuses, the Whisperers reveal Luke and Alden who have been captured. Alpha offers a trade to avert any conflict.

Realizing that the Whisperers have the leverage, Daryl decides to release Lydia but finds that Henry has released her run away with her.

Henry takes Lydia to the hideout that the other Hilltop teens introduced him to earlier, however, Enid is able to track them down. Enid tries to convince Henry to give Lydia up, but Lydia decides to go back to prevent any more confrontations. Henry doesn't feel it's right to send her back, but Daryl tells him that sometimes things happen that we need to live with it.

After Lydia returns to her mother, Alpha and the Whisperers leave.

Later that night, Daryl finds a note in Henry's room that he "couldn't live with it" and left to find Lydia. Daryl sets out to after Henry as Connie and asks to join him on his quest.

The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

Your people crossed into our land, there will be no conflict. Your people killed our people, there
will be no conflict. I'm done talking. Bring me my daughter, or there will be conflict.


If the mother can't quiet the child, then the dead will. Natural selection.