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Kat and Alice are running through the woods and back through the pond, where Elliot is waiting for them.

As Kat tries to wrap her head around what happened and forgive herself for it, she remembers that Alice disappeared after Colton's funeral. She has only one more trip.

Alice disagrees that it was Kat's fault Colton died, and Alice said she had to choose between her and Colton, and she chose her. Kat says she will always choose her.

They realize that they cannot change the past, but I have to wonder... can they change the future?

Brady drops by wondering if now is a good time to do this. She says it's not a good time, and he wonders what's happened. She declines to answer, and he hands her the papers wondering if its the right thing to do. It is, she says.

Del wonders if Byron told Kat anything about his sabbatical and that his last editorial is all about adventure and finding the next road. Kat says she showed him the road so let him take it.

Alice is looking for the date of Colton's funeral. They decide to go together, and jump in holding hands.

Alice finds Elliot crying in the place Colton built for them because they knew he needed a place to meet. She asks him to please get two outfits under the guise of needing choices, and he crack. He'll only do it for Kat. If only he knew.

Kat attends her dad's funeral for the second time, standing away from the group. It was Del's wish that the funeral was only for close friends and family. Later there will be a memorial for the town.

Del speaks about everything that Colton loved, and it was a lot. He was their north star, their home. It's then that Del spots Kat crying in the distance, the woman she recalled from the funeral. Alice should have introduced her as her mother.

Elliot runs into Brady at the cafe. After they order, Brady tells Elliot his time has come to act on his not-so-hidden feelings. He says that back then, he was threatened by Elliot. He says it was in the hard times that she would reach out to Elliot first, and it hurt. He knew how lucky he was to have her, but patience pays off, and now he can have what he always wanted.

Elliot says it's not that simple. He quotes Kierkegaard about living forward but understood backward. Brady says he always spoke in riddles.

Alice is saying goodbye to Elliot after the funeral. She tells him that in her time, he is the most amazing person and has done so much for her.

In the present, Kat tells Del she thinks that she's hanging onto the past and her belief that he was with another woman. Del says she remembers the night that Colton died and said he would explain it all. Kat reassures her the woman was of no importance, and they agree to let it go.

Del picks up the grief counseling card from 25 years ago.

Alice remembers Colton telling her she had talent, and the next day, she asks Spencer if the new Roxy owners are still looking for talent for the opening. He talks about the dinner he cooked for her, and Zoey overhears, but Brady interrupts.

Kat tells Elliot she's the other woman. She calls herself the bad seed, setting Elliot off. She's so grateful he's here no matter how it was fated to happen.

Brady and Alice are in the kitchen when Kat gets home. They're talking about the Roxy when Brady suggests they chat. Alice says she knew this was coming, and it was for the better.

When Alice wants to go back to be with Kat, Kat tells her the truth. She's very upset and wishes she had been told sooner.

Del arrives at the grief group.

Alice has gone back again, but she doesn't recognize the time. It's recent. Rita is in the kitchen telling Del to send the letter she wrote. Alice is the one who sent the letter.

Kat signs the divorce papers with a sigh of relief. Alice returns but she's not unhappy.

Brady arrives, and Kat gives him the papers. He says he loves them both, and that's the end of their marriage.

Kat is practicing in the ... what is it anyway? A cabin? ... when Del comes up, talking about Elliot and his father, who was a fisherman.

At the reopening, Kat asks Elliot to hold her hand during to calm her nerves. She's worried when Brady's seat beside her is empty, but he makes it in time.

She begins singing, but she stops after the first verse. She decides that wasn't the right song for the night and plays a song closer to her heart that has gotten her through a lot. It's Colton's song, and Del is overcome. Kat doesn't know how Del will take it, but she just sobs with happiness.

Kat is sorry that Elliot didn't come back to the house last night. He seems off. She thanks him for always taking care of her and Alice, and she doesn't want him to think that she takes it for granted. He means so much to her.

But Elliot believes he's finally clear of the past that was defined for him, and now that everything has happened, he's ready to chart his own path. She doesn't understand.

At dinner, Del asks Alice about the song she sang. Alice says that Kat sang it to her when she was little, and she always remembered it. then she says she went to the grief support group, but it's not her thing. She talks about how happy she is to have her girls back, and then the dog comes in with the same ball Jacob used to play with as a kid.

Kat remembers that Jacob couldn't stay out of that pond even in the winter. She looks back to the day she said goodbye, thinking he was safe, and revisits the almanac. We see that the dog runs to the pond, and Jacob goes with him, thinking he'd been drowned.

It's time to bring Del into the discussion. And the woman we see running in the premiere? That was Kat, going back for Jacob.

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The Way Home Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Monica: What can I get you, boys?
Brady: I'll have a low-fat latte with an extra shot of espresso, please.
Elliott: House coffee. Black.

Elliot: What happened will always happen
Kat: So are you saying that if I had stayed away, he still might have died that night?
Elliot: You have to believe that, yes.