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Kat's following Alice to the pond, trying to explain why she lied. They need to talk -- about Jacob. Alice doesn't want to talk, and she jumps into the pond.

The search is on for Jacob when Alice arrives. Kat is at the house, Elliot says, but it's only family. Alice says she is family.

Alice tells Kat how sorry she is, that she tried so hard but couldn't... and Kat stops her. This isn't about her. Brady tells Alice she should leave.

Kat takes Alice breakfast in bed, suggesting again they need to talk. She says they've both kept things from each other.

Del doesn't understand why Alice is bedridden, and Kat brushes it off.

Monica is making up to Del that she thought Del was tearing down the carnival posters by featuring her pottery with a gallery showing.

Elliot and Kat talk outside. Kat was so sure that after she dropped off Jacob, she'd have a lifetime of conversations waiting with her best friend. When Elliot says that moment was a gift, she disagrees.

Del visits Alice, hoping to connect with her. She gives her a pep talk, getting Alice out of bed.

Kat gets to the paper to discover that Byron is firing her. Her focus isn't here and her work is declining. She's been noncommunicative. And he'll need all of the articles she took from the archive.

Pottery became Del's therapy. She'd love to teach Alice. They begin working together.

Kat comes home, which earns a quizzical look from Del. Kat heads into the basement to take down her Jacob board. She recalls crying into Colton's shoulder as he says "a Landry never gives up hope."

She picks up her dad's shirt, smelling it, and finds a piece of paper in his pocket. It's initials MS with a phone number and address. Del doesn't like when Kat aks her about it.

Elliot says it's nothing. Kat is going to investigate and asks him to join her. She wants his company and the old mix CDs he used to burn. They sing Sister Hazel's All of You, stealing looks at each other between lyrics.

The address is a dilapated hotel. She wants to look around. Elliot says the hotel has been abandoned almost as long as the note exists.

Byron tells Del he won't be able to help set up her show because he's under a deadline that's stressing him out.

Spencer drops by to see Alice, who is still in bed. He's brought her homework. He asks her to dinner.

Kat gets home and lies to Del about not working, saying Byron gave her the week off because it's slow. She wants to know how Del recognized the note and accuses her and dad of shutting her out after Jacob died. Del says it's because she ran away with Brady, but Kat counters that she ran away because there was nothing for her here.

Del is shutting Kat out again. They're both agitated.

Alice gets to the cafe, where Spender is bringing out plates. He takes one night a week to test new recipes, and tonight's the night. Zoey isn't there because she's not into seafood, which freaks her out.

Alice is impressed that Spencer has plans for his future, wanting to be a chef.

When she gets home, there's time for her and Kat to talk. Alice is so sad she couldn't save Jacob and cries into her mom's arms. They exchange stories and Alice says how happy she is that she got to meet him and see how close he was with Kat. Kat admits she's always blamed herself. Alice wants to go back, not for Jacob but for Kat because when someone's going through a tough time, friends are there for them. And mom, she says, we were best friends.

It's winter when Alice arrives. She gets to the house to see Del and Colton in the kitchen. Del says please, please, it's New Year's Eve. She can't go alone. You're going to have to, Colton says.

Kat is so happy to see Alice and so excited that it's New Year's Eve. The new millennium! They're going to have a great time.

It's quite the elaborate New Year's Eve. Much better than my own 2000 countdown.

Kat runs off to dance. Elliot says he feels like he lost her because she's either hiding out talking to Brady or she's hiding out for other reasons.

While Elliot and Kat dance and sing, Nick pulls Alice into the garage. He's missed her. He wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend. If so, maybe she'd find her way there more often. He made her a fish hook bracelet because she hooked him.

They're going to turn off the electricity when the clock strikes midnight. Upstairs, Kat is feeling woozy, and Elliot is at her side. In the garage, Nick and Alice kiss. They hear Elliot screaming Kat's name. Kat's having a panic attack. She's crying now. The search is over. Jacob's gone, and her parents hate her. He was her responsibility, and it's all her fault.

Elliot and Kat are walking on the dock. Kat is happy to see her mother so happy. She's in her element with her pottery.

Kat asks Elliot... there's something here, isn't there? Oh, you feel it too? He's been waiting so long to kiss her, and when he does, it will be perfect. He leaves her hanging.

When Kat and Alice get back to the house, Colton is waiting. He wonders Alice is still playing guitar. He's happy to hear she is and tells her to keep at it. He thanks Alice for being there for their girl.

Del is concerned about the discrepancies between Kat's and Byron's stories so Kat admits she got fired. She calls Del's work hobbies, but Del fires back that she had to do a lot to make ends meet after Colton died. She says he blew all his money on things men don't tell their wives.

She recalls 1999 NYE and Colton on the phone, grabbing a beer. He's not going to the celebration. Del misses him. He says he feels like the only one who hasn't forgotten Jacob. Del thinks about Jacob constantly, seeing him every time she looks at Colton's face. Good news, he says, you don't have to look at my face tonight.

The memory sends her to Byron's place. What the heck, she wonders. Byron had an accident in the office while trying to get there. He was working quickly to get his article ready, The Matriarch of Port Haven, featuring Del.

Alice looks at the pottery dish and notices it's got the same fish that's on Colton's guitar. She picks it up to strum, and Kat runs to the pond. She's hesitates.


The Way Home
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The Way Home Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

You know, people think pottery is about spinning wheels and sexy ghosts, but it's about the clay. It's like anything in life. You approach it with kindness and patience. It may not turn out like you planned but may be for the best.


Elliot: You got to have one more moment with him, Kat. I know that's not what you wanted, but it's still a gift.
Kat: That feeling, that is not a gift. So, yeah. I'm done. The past can just stay in the past.