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Henry breaks the news to Claire and Sean that Drill is alive and well. Lena tries to tell Wes, but when Minx lies and says it was all an act, Wes thinks Lena made it all up. It isn't until Claire confirms that Drill is alive that Wes apologizes to Lena.

Drill has been here before. In 1982, an eight year old boy named Thomas had a friend named Drill, which he described as a malevolent spirit from another world.

Drill's game for Lena involves killing someone. When she declines, Drill arranges for Minx to be on the roof in search of a kitten that doesn't exist. Then, Drill asks if Lena is ready to play. Lena agrees.

Claire and Sean track down the Thomas' father and ask him what happened when Thomas spoke with Drill. He killed his older brother, Eliot. 

Minx tells Wes that Lena is doing something dangerous, and Wes realizes that his gun is gone. While Claire and Sean go try to find Thomas, Wes teams up with Jessup to track down Lena. Turns out, Lena is headed to the same place Claire and Sean are.

Thomas says Drill can't be back because he killed Drill, but before he can explain how, Lena busts in and shoots him. While Thomas isn't dead yet, he's not in good shape.

The Whispers
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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Henry: What about Drill?
Claire: Henry, Drill is gone, sweetheart.
Henry: No he's not.

You ordered an FBI agent to kidnap their son. IS that how we're doing things these days?