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Claire and Jessup continue to work on figuring out who Drill is. Jessup believes it is the man in the sketch and wants to circulate the image, but seeing how that man looks an awful lot like Sean, Claire doesn't want to do that yet. Eventually, Claire tells Jessup the truth as to why she is holding back, but Jessup still wants to show the image around.

Wes comes home to a fragile home life. He works on finding out whether Sean Bennigan is alive or not. Wes learns that Sean wasn't on a surveillance mission in the arctic. It was a cover. In reality, Sean was testing out a new weapon.

Minx enlists her friend to help her win the game. Her Department of Defense (DOD) hacking did have a consequence though - the DOD comes to raid their home. Minx runs away from home with Drill after her parents begin fighting again.

Sean is not in good shape. He frantically tore down his Drill wall in a storage unit that was full of newspaper clippings and photos of Harper and others involved in the game, and then he broke into his Doctor's house, Dr. Benavidez.

He frantically scrawled a logo on the bathroom floor, and then had it tattooed on his arm. As if that wasn't dramatic enough, Sean kidnapped Dr. Benavidez to get him to help with his mission.


The Whispers
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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You talk in nice voices, but you don't sound so nice.


You need to talk to Minx. She has this new friend. He's been telling her stuff about us. I guess the whole neighborhood knows.