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Wes has brought the glowing rock back to a secure DOD site. He is keeping quiet about what he found and where it is to everyone - Claire included. Seeing how Minx tried to get intel about it for Drill, it makes sense that Wes is keeping quiet. But, how could he not tell Claire?

Claire think it would be a good idea to get all of Drill's friends together and have a nice little chat. Henry tells her that Drill has even more friends than she realizes. Out of everyone she finds, all the parents agree to let their kids participate except one. Can you guess who refuses? Yup, Lena doesn't think it would be good for Minx to be near a group of kids who also have Drill as a friend.

The plan is to keep this kid play date low key to make the kids feel safe. Wes didn't get that memo. He storms in with cameras everywhere, making the parents and the kids uncomfortable. He was right to do this though because he caught Drill on camera.

Claire learns from Harper that Drill has family that he misses. He came first to get the food. After Minx rats Claire out, Drill comes to the meeting (this is where Wes catches him on camera), and he tells a kid to give a message to Claire - she won't win.

Dr. Tuley is called in to inspect the rock, and she learns that as you get closer to the inner layers, it is hard to determine the make up. She knows it's alien, and that it is a vessel. Then, it begins to emit a frequency, calling someone.

Sean gets Wes and Claire to meet him. He says the rock is calling to him, and he wants to answer. When he does, Sean gets his memories back.

Meanwhile, Lena has convinced Minx and Drill that she is on their side. Drill even agrees to let Lena play with them.

The Whispers
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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

This is like something is grabbing me in the pit of my stomach and pulling.


I know these kids. They're Drill's friends.