Tanya in a Pickle - The White Lotus
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Tanya is at breakfast and Portia is talking about how great things are with Jack.

Tanya tries to tell her to watch out for him because something doesn't quite add up. Portia is taken aback when Tanya says she reminds her of a younger version of her.

Portia goes on a day out with Jack and he gets progressively drunk and doesn't want to return to the house.

This shocks Portia because he's acting horribly. He books then a hotel and Portia starts to realize the red flags when he said that he was in a hole when Quentin scooped him up and saved his life.

He said that Quentin has no money and will have money very soon. Portia looked shocked at him.

Back at the house, Quentin gets Nicolo over and sets him up with Tanya. They all party, and take loads of drugs, and Tanya notices a gun in Nicolo's bag.

Right before she has sex with him, she finds a photo of Quentin and -- gasp -- Greg. Greg is the cowboy in Quentin's story about unrequited love.

Harper and Ethan have a conversation about their relationship, and Harper seems checked out. Ethan says he loves her and they proceed with the day as planned, but Harper is not impressed when she sees Ethan chatting to Lucia and Mia about money.

Harper then goes back to her room, seemingly with Cameron, sending Ethan into a spiral. He rushes back and the latch is on the door and the adjoining door to Cameron and Daphne's room is opened.

Cameron questions Harper and we see later that he imagined them having sex and Cameron rushing away when he arrived at the door.

The Di Grassos -- and Lucia -- go to the outskirts of Sicily but Alesso and some goon follow them.

Lucia leaves and the Di Grassos are worried about her wellbeing. When they arrive at the family home, they are chased away by the matriarch who says she will curse them.

Lucia returns to Albie's room and says she wants to escape this life, but the only way to do that is with money.

Valentina prepares a date for her and Isabella for her birthday, but she's stunned when the latter tells her she's engaged to Rocco and it would be great if he could come back to reception.

Valentina cancels the night out and sulks at the hotel bar. Mia catches her eye and Valentina says she's never been with a woman, so they go to an empty suite and have sex.

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The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

You should slow down with this guy.


Ethan: We've always been honest with each other.
Harper: Not honest about how we're not attracted to each other.
Ethan: I love you.
Harper: Uh, so depressing.