Jennifer Coolidge Returns for Season 2
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Daphne is on the beach, telling people she's on her last day and has to leave.

They don't look interested, but she calls out the great service and food, before dipping in the water one last time.

There, she finds a body and starts screaming.

The hotel manager is shocked and goes to one of her colleagues to tell them, but he says that there is more than one body.

We jump to a week earlier, with all of our key players getting off the boat at the resort.

Mia and Lucia are waiting, with Lucia saying the man she was talking to was on the boat.

But she hasn't met him, or doesn't know which one it is.

Daphne and Cameron are a rich couple who are overtly positive, something that gets under Harper's skin.

Harper's husband, Ethan, has been friends with Cameron since college, and Harper thinks there's something amiss with the husband and wife.

They want adjoining rooms, but Harper isn't interested in that. Harper says that they have been invited on this trip because the couple wants something, but Ethan is too oblivious to realize.

Later, Harper goes up to the room to give Cameron Ethan's swimsuit and he gets naked behind her, purposefully going toward the mirror so she can see him.

Daphne then says she misses someone named Emma and Cameron says she'll see her soon enough and tickles her.

Bert is being creepy with all of the females in the hotel, while his son is trying to bounce back following his wife ditching him.

Albie is trying to have a good time but his father and grandfather are not interested, staring more at call girls in the hotel.

Albie meets with Tanya's assistant, Portia and they hit it off immediately.

Tanya is annoyed that Greg didn't return her texts and he says that he was busy.

He's livid when he realizes Tanya has brought her assistant, Portia, on vacation and tells her to get rid of her.

Tanya tells her to hide and not be seen in the hotel, sending Portia on a downward spiral.

Tanya catches Greg on the phone, whispering and he acts like she's being paranoid, but it's clear he's hiding something.

Lucia's mystery man is revealed as Dominic, who doesn't want to talk. He just wants to have sex.

The White Lotus
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The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Greg: Tanya, you ate all the macaroons.
Tanya: What macaroons?
Greg: How do you expect to lose weight if you inhale five macaroons and not remember?
Tanya: I only ate three.
Greg: There were five. Did you drink the champagne, too?

Valentina: I know you. Not in my hotel.
Woman: Jealous? You don't know what pleasure is. It's written on your face.
Valentina: At least I don't have sex for money.
Woman: Who'd pay money to have sex with you? Uptight, ugly bitch.
Valentina: Is no one monitoring the entrance here? Or the exit?