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Lizzie struggles through labor, reluctant to push out of fear of the curse that she and Elizabeth place on the males of Lady Margaret's line. Maggie hears her whispered fears, nut Lizzie later dismisses them as fevered nonsense. Arthur's birth thrills Henry, and gives Lizzie some negotiating power with him. Lady Margaret insists that the baby be taken to Sheffield to be baptized, leaving Lizzie behind. Elizabeth gets to go travel this time, but is taken prisoner after the ceremony. Lizzie negotiates for her mother and sisters to be held at an abbey instead of in dungeons. She and Maggie visit Teddy in the Tower as soon as she is blessed and released from confinement, but she is unable to get Henry to release him. Lizzie has her coronation, and her mother is still plotting at the abbey. Lizzie 

Henry's peace envoy reaches the court of Burgundy shortly after a secreted letter from Elizabeth. Duchess Margaret does not greet them, but her daughter and son in law do. Jasper is smart in how he handles their reception, acknowledging Margaret's grief, and simply requesting that they be allowed to remain until she is ready to meet with them. Lord Strange is completely uncouth, more interested in bedding the ladies of the court and having a good time, he ends up constantly losing (not on purpose) to Marie's children at various games. He eventually ends up in a horse race with Marie herself; she falls off her mount and breaks her back, lingering for hours or days before her death. Margaret is enraged, blaming Strange, and she sends the envoy back to England. 

The White Princess
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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Guard your heart, my Lizzie. The child is not your own. He belongs to the throne.


The time has come to be a York [rips letter of peace from Henry Tudor into pieces] and take a stand.

Duchess Cecily