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Maggie continues to spy for the Duchess, convinced that helping Richard is the only way to save Teddy, and that it's the only moral thing to do. She helps Cathy Gordon escape to the Duchess' protection, but ends up followed by Wolsey, thus exposing the Burgundian plot. Her husband pleads for her life, and Lizzie and Henry allow her to live.

After Lizzie admits that she is the one that started the fire and does not deny the accusations that The Boy really is Richard, she and Henry try to find a way around Elizabeth's curse. Henry is outraged when he finds out Lady Margaret was behind the murder of Prince Edward and the changling boy. Lizzie's locates a common criminal at Newgate and has one of the Bishop's clerks coach him on confessing to be Perkin Warbeck, an imposter from Tournai. Henry does not initially go along with the plan, but pressure from the Spanish ambassador convinces him to go along with it in the end. The Duchess attends the hanging and realizes that Richard is still alive; she sends Maggie with a note to the ambassador to reveal the truth. The ambassador then meets Lizzie in private and gives her one night to decide what to do with Richard and Teddy. She ends up taking her new lackey, Abbot's clerk (who turns out to be the future Cardinal Wolsey), and convincing Teddy to sign a blank piece of paper which the Abbot and Wolsey then complete with a false confession. Teddy and Richard are taken from their cell to be privately executed; Elizabeth is the only witness. Richard has to calm Teddy and holds his gaze and his hand during the beheading. He shames Lizzie for not being able to watch. After his own execution, she collapses to the ground. She informs Maggie of what's happened, and returns to Westminster to announce Arthur's engagement to Catherine. She tells Henry he must make amends with his mother so that the family is seen as one, but then rebuffs Margaret's attempt to bond over a willingness to do anything for their sons and tells the King's mother to step off. 

The White Princess
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The White Princess Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

The king should be sending for his lords, he should be marshaling his forces but instead he sends for his mother? Who rules us, him or you?

Lord Stanley [to his wife]

By all the saints, I wonder how you walk in a straight line, your wits are so dismally few.

Lady Margaret