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Starting in Kansas City at a bar, a guy, Brock, hears a voice and is spooked by a cat. He starts burning up and literally burns to death as he's on fire. A mysterious man walks up to him and warms his hands.

Mary, John, and Millie take care of an unconscious Samuel, and Samuel wakes up talking about the queen and needing to find her before passing out again. Carlos tells the group about what happened in Kansas City, and Mary suggests they check it out while she stays back to be with her dad. John, ever so polite, offers to stay behind as well.

Lata and Carlos show up at the Knave of Hearts, trying to get information. Carlos runs into an old friend, Jericho, who is headlining the place. Jericho called Carlos "Rivers Gemini," admitting they used to have an act together.

John talks to Mary about their kiss, but Mary needs more time to figure it out, especially with her dad back.

Carlos catches up with Jericho, roping in Lata and bringing her up to speed on their past. When Jericho has to leave, Carlos immediately wants to leave as well. When he accidentally drops a hat, he gives it back to a man: Loki.

As Lata and Carlos go over their information, Lata brings up Jericho's show, but he'd rather not revisit his past. Brushing it off, he decides to help a roadie, knowing they see everything. They tell the roadie that they were friends with Brock and the roadie admits that a guy at Brock's show followed him out. He had a feather hat.

Samuel wakes up, coming face-to-face with Millie, who tries to get him to drink a remedy courtesy of Ada. Millie tells Samuel about her husband being a Men of Letters, and Samuel calls him a mole man. Millie doesn't take it lightly, telling him that if it wasn't for her husband, he, Mary, and John would be dead.

Carlos interrupts Jericho's show to save him, and Lata goes into the crowd to look for Loki, but he's nowhere to be found. When a guy walks to a back room, he starts to burn up like Brock. Carlos grabs a blanket to try to put out the fire, but it's too late.

Jericho tells Lata and Carlos about a tattoo he got after talking to someone. If he sings, someone will burn. If he doesn't, he will. He says that the guy he met was named Loki.

Samuel is up and walking and takes a seat down at the desk by John and Mary. Samuel begins to give John the third degree about his dad being a Men of Letters, but Mary redirects him to the Akrida instead. He tells them how he caught wind of the Akrida and went after them alone. He brings out photo capsules that could have the location of the Akrida.

Carlos opens the back door to the van, and Loki's sitting there. It's revealed that Jericho set them up. Carlos tells Loki he's not making a deal with him, but it's the only way to save Jericho. After some hesitation, Carlos makes the deal, and he now has the tattoo instead of Jericho, who Loki snaps away.

Carlos and Lata tell the others about the curse, and Lata thinks one of the books could have something about Loki. While reading a book, they discover that he has a hand mirror that is tied to him, but Samuel has another way to find him, and he wants to help, despite Mary's dismay. She confronts her dad about leaving, and they have an honest conversation about hunting.

The group shows up at Heart of Knaves with blades, and Loki wants to even the odds, so he makes sure there's enough of him to fight everyone. Just when they thought they broke the curse after stabbing Loki, Carlos still has the tattoo. With a snap of his finger, Samuel, Mary, John, and Lata are tied up, and Jericho is as well, on stage, with Carlos standing next to him.

Carlos breaks the guitar and tells Loki he wont' give in to him. He starts to burn but then it stops. The tattoo is gone, and Loki's mirror cracks, bringing him into it and freeing the others.

Samuel thanks Millie for helping him and tells Mary and John that finding the Akrida is all up to them. He promises to keep in touch. Meanwhile, Carlos and Jericho continue catching up and even get the band together one last time.

Mary immediately goes in for a kiss with John and tells him he wants to be with him. John, however, spots a photo from Samuel and recognizes someone in it. He says that it's the guy who gave him his dad's letter. Dean's the one in the background.

The Winchesters
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The Winchesters Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I wanna live with the consequences, and I hope that you do, too.


John: You did it, Mary. You found him.
Mary: We found him.