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In Lawrence in 1957, a woman's car is stalled on the side of the road, and another car pulls over. A lady gets out, trying to help. The first woman goes to her trunk to get a toolbox and hits the other woman on the head, calling her Dorothea. Of course, the first woman has an Akrida mark on the back of her neck.

Back in 1972 Lawrence, Millie has installed a security system for the Clubhouse. She's also been working on the Ostium but has had no luck. With Carlos and Lata on their own, Mary and John try to look through deep cuts of the Men of Letters and the Akrida, and John finds a letter for Mary from KSU. John reads it and, without saying much, says she got in.

A bell rings for the security system, but John turns it off, thinking it was just a glitch.

Lata and Carlos, meanwhile, are on the side of the road, trying to figure out what to do next, and Lata points out how distracted he's been. Carlos opens up about Anton and how serious things are getting. He's thinking about breaking up with him, but Lata tries to talk him out of it. Lata connects it to the Akrida, thinking the memories of those the Akrida controlled could help.

John and Mary get to the Clubhouse to see everything weirdly organized, and a man comes walking out and introduces him as Porter J. Hobbes of the Men of Letters. He used his key to help, wanting to kill the Akrida queen.

The two look over his file, and he checks out. Mary confronts him to get answers. He was brought in to experiment on the minds of monsters. He single-handedly built and designed the lab. Porter tells them he retired, but he didn't know Henry at all. He mentions how he retired but got back into the mix when the Akrida came popping back up.

Lata and Carlos meet up with Roxy  from the radio, wanting to talk to her about the Akrida. Lata tells her that her dreams are real, and Carlos tries to get her to open up about it. Unfortunately, what she remembers is fragments, and she doesn't want to remember since it's ruined her life.

Lata promises if she helps them, they will help her forget.

Porter brings out some files about the Akrida, saying he can produce a neurotoxin that can ravage the queen's DNA, but they need the Akrida stingers. He found a way that the stingers can be safely removed, with the host going back to life as normal. What they need is a human under Akrida control.

An officer pulls up to a truck on a bridge, and Mary comes out to reveal herself. John comes from behind, and the two take him down.

A group of people convene at a bar, the Akrida, trying to figure out what to do. Kyle pulls out the picture of Dean, and one of the Akrida say that he needs to be eliminated. Kyle says he has a plan.

The officer is held down on a table, and Porter is clearly upset about the Akrida in general. Mary gets the impression that there's something personal.

Carlos brings in his emergency stash to get Roxy to remember. Lata admits that Tony taught her, and Carlos realizes that Lata's been seeing him in her dreams. She confesses that he's been educating her. They start the spell on Roxy and ask her about her memories. Roxy wakes up and calls Carlos and Lata monsters, but Lata says it's working.

It's like Roxy is back to when she met the Akrida. She says the queen is underground.

Mary finds more information on Porter and sees that credit for the lab goes to his assistant, Jack Wilcox, who was married to Dorothea Wilcox. He was kicked out of the Men of Letters for experimenting on humans.

Mary and John confront Porter, who tells them that someone else came up with a concoction to knock out Akrida-controlled humans. He also says that John is like his father and knocks out him and Mary, dropping his British accent and revealing himself to be Jack.

Carlos finds a location in Kansas matching Roxy's description. Roxy wakes up, feeling like everything happened only five minutes ago, and Lata tells her it's a two-step process. Roxy doesn't want to forget. She wants to remember she helped them.

John wakes up with his hands tied and Mary nowhere in sight. Porter tells him that she's prepped for surgery. He tells John they're in a war and they need to exploit every option available. Before walking away, Jack tells John that he's next.

Mary wakes up tied to a chair, with Dorothea on the table next to her. Jack was warded, so the Akrida came after Dorothea and left her in a coma. He cast a spell to keep her in a suspended state. And Mary's going to be the new host.

John breaks free, and he's stopped by Jack's golem, who throws him across the room. John tries to fight it and cuts it with a knife, but he's still fighting. Meanwhile, Jack assures Mary that she's not going to die, and her conscious will be going for the ride. John and the Golem get into the lab, and Mary tells John to get the scroll from the golem's mouth.

Mary breaks free, and she and John fight the golem, whose head gets closed on by a door. He's still swinging his arms, and Mary turns up the heat in the boiler, which is where the head is, and the golem falls on top of Jack and Dorothea.

Mary and John bury Jack, and Mary is worried about how they'll turn into Jack and Dorothea, but John promises it will never be them.

Carlos tries to talk Lata into erasing his memories of Anton, but Lata won't do it. Carlos admits that seeing Roxy choose to live with the memories of the Akrida and that she'd be okay made him realize that he shouldn't forget.

The two pull up to the Akrida hideout, and they see a car coming and they see a woman who the Akrida controlled. They found them.

John gets to the garage, and Kyle is waiting for him. He threatens John that he's going to pretend that John killed him, and John realizes that the Akrida is controlling him. The Akrida pulls out the knife and cuts Kyle's arm. John tries to get him to stop, but it's too late; the Akrida stabs Kyle in the chest, and Millie opens the garage door to see her son standing over his body and cops rolling up.

The Winchesters
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