Triss and Ciri - The Witcher Season 2 Episode 5
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Lydia visits Rience in the Cintran dungeons where the mage has been locked up for ten years, unable to draw on Chaos. She recruits him to hunt Ciri although she is not working for Nilfgaard.

Rience kidnaps Jaskier.

The Witcher emblem: scales.

Istredd doesn't believe Geralt at first.

Yennefer recruits a sex worker to ask around about Jaskier.

Istredd and Geralt head to the monolith.

Triss tries to get Ciri off the gauntlet but she's fixated on training.

Vesemir is fixated on using Ciri's blood to make more witcher mutagen.

Yennefer finds Jaskier with Rience.

Geralt and Istredd find the crevasse Ciri created with her scream.

Vesemir approaches Ciri and tells her about his theory. Ciri says he can take her blood but she wants to be the first witcher turned.

Istredd and Geralt investigate the crevasse. Istredd theorizes that the monoliths are conduits for monsters.

Triss, Vesemir, and Ciri create the mutagen.

Yennefer rescues Jaskier.

The sex worker tricks Yennefer, turning her into the soldiers.

Triss tries to talk Ciri out of becoming a witcher. She offers to take Ciri into her consciousness to learn the truth using the Dol Durza, or Valley of the Soul. They wander through her subconscious and meet her mother.

Triss suspects something is wrong and tries to take Ciri back. Ciri pushes forward and sees her mother and father preparing to run away with her.

Geralt and Istredd discover they both know Yennefer. Istredd informs Geralt that Yennefer is still alive.

Triss and Ciri find Lara Dorren with her child. When Triss tries to help her, Lara tries to kill her. The Wild Hunt is spotted. Ciri calls for Geralt to help. At the monolith, Geralt and Istredd feel the disturbance.

Triss and Ciri wake up. Triss is frightened of Ciri. Ciri runs to Vesemir to be injected with the mutagen. Geralt arrives in time to stop her.

Back in the Cintran library, Istredd finds a book of the Cintran royal bloodline.

Cahir's ship approaches Cintra.

Francesca visits Fringilla.

Cahir arrives and Fringilla spots him

Yennefer is being taken by the soldiers. She hears Voleth Meir and invokes the incantation and disappears.

Yennefer tries to strike a deal with Voleth Meir. Voleth Meir sets the price at Yennefer capturing Ciri.

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The Witcher Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Francesca: I've had leaders, followers, but I've never had a partner before.
Fringilla: Neither have I. It's not terrible.

I know what you want. All that wrath and righteous anger raging inside you. I can smell your desires like rotting meat. But I'm not here to grant wishes. I'm simply a guide to get you exactly what you deserve.

Voleth Meir