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A Muslim boy prays, gets judged for being a brownie in SW Texas, picks up his friend and walks arm in arm into a restaurant or something after asking for God to take away the impediments in the way of their task and the building explodes.

Before the place explodes, people heard trumpets playing. Perhaps a sign of the four horsemen?

Agents Miller and Einstein, doppelgangers for Mulder and Scully come in. Scully and Mulder are quite interested in the young agents, so much like themselves.

Individually, Scully and Mulder both call the agents, male female, female male. They'll partner up with their opposites. Scully and Miller in Texas, Einstein and Mulder staying put.

Mulder wants Einstein to think about thoughts having weight in themselves. He wants her to expand her mind on the so-called material world.

Scully, meanwhile, wants Miller to think through science. 

Mulder brings up magic mushrooms. He wants her to give him mushrooms. He'll then chat with the dead by way of magical mushrooms. He doesn't want to bother Scully since she's just had her own experience with death, and he doesn't want to bother her.

Miller and Scully are at the terrorist's bed. He's a bit of a mess. Two men arrive in the room, speaking a different language. Miller takes photos of them. As they leave, Einstein arrives. She sees Scully in there and calls Mulder. How soon can he be in Texas?

A terrorist threat at the hospital gets everyone evacuated but the nurse, who is of course in on the evil deed. We can tell that because it's Janet Kidder, Damien Darhk's wife. Nobody should have allowed her into the hospital. She turns off the machines, but turns them back on... She goes on a rant about refugees and blah blah.

Mulder takes his mushroom pill and settles in. But Mulder escapes out of the room while Einstein isn't looking. He's on a mushroom trip through the halls of the hospital.

It's wonderful. He does an entire line dance, then he's drinking beer in a t-shirt and cowboy hat with the Lone Gunman. So THAT's how they come back to life. Through a shroom trip.

Miller speaks Arabic. He seems to have an impact on the terrorist.

It turns out Mulder took a niacin pill. He was under the placebo affect. He gets reprimanded, but as he's being wheeled out, he sees Shiraz' mother outside the hospital.

Shiraz dies. Mulder insists Shiraz spoke to him. Mulder tells Miller what Shiraz said to him in his vision. Babylon the hotel.

They find a bunch of terrorists.

Miller and Scully talk about the power of suggestion of the Quran and how it can make people put on suicide vests to kill. And stuff.


The X-Files
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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

How do you say 'howdy partner' in Arabic?


Einstein: Is this what you wanted Agent Mulder? You're woo woo paranormal? Say it.
Mulder: Woo woo.
Einstein [whipping him]: Say it!
Mulder: Woo woo!

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