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Dr. Sanjay is going to work. He needs a retinal scan to get in. His retina isn't looking so good. He's hearing very high pitched sounds. Ouch.

Apparently, every sound is enhanced. The poor guy is freaking out.

At the office, everyone is complaining about the Founder, Augustus Goldman. Did he even read the research? 

Sanjay sees birds gathering outside and his hand starts shaking. He runs out of a meeting and locks himself into the server room. He hears, "Dana is the key."

As they are trying to drill their way past the lock, the poor bastard puts a letter opener through his head by way of his ears.


Mulder! He's wearing a suit! He's asking Scully what she makes of it! Mulder really wonders why he chose the most protected room in the building to kill himself, what was he trying to access? While the stuffed suit was telling Mulder and Scully what they couldn't do, Mulder stole Sanjay's phone, opening it via his finger print.

Mulder goes to meet the contact in Sanjay's phone, Gupta. Gupta wants to give Mulder a blowjob. That's not exactly what Mulder was looking for. There appears to be a miscommunication here.

Scully is going the pathological report. Woo hoo. She notices he has something written on his hand.

Gupta opens up about Sanjay. Before he died, he was saying his children were dying. But he was single. On his hand, it said Founder's mutation. 

They decide to go to Sanjay's place. Scully finds it hard to believe he was hiding his sexual identity in 2016. Mulder says that wasn't his only secret. In the apartment are photos of children with many, many mutations. So sad. The police are coming, so they look quickly. When Mulder opens a drawer, he begins hearing the sound Sanjay heard. The police come and Scully deals with it. All Mulder hears is, "find her."

Mulder and Scully are meeting with Skinner. They are no longer allowed to access the files. The DoD guy takes them and walks away. Skinner assumes our heroes made copies. The bureaucracy has increased over the years. He expects it will take a long time to get the report through the channels. Have fun!

They begin looking at the video files from Sanjay's office and Mulder tells Scully what he experienced at his apartment.

Scully uses an old contact to see if they can contact Goldman. They're then approached by a girl named Agnes. She's pregnant and giving up her baby for adoption because it's not right. But she changed her mind. She doesn't care what the scan said. She's afraid of the woman Scully met with. Mulder thinks Augustus is experimenting with eugenics. 

Scully wonders if Mulder thinks she was just an incubator 15 years ago when she was pregnant. Does he ever think about William? Yes. They both hope like hell he wasn't an experiment. What if he's out there and scared, fighting for his life? 

Scully imagines what life might have been like with William. Taking him to school. Him rushing out older, running off with his friends. Getting hit by a car while riding his skateboard. Calling to her. His eyes turning place, his teeth growing over. 'What's happening to me?" She looks at his baby picture, hoping he's alright.

They meet with Goldman. His research deals directly with genetic manipulation. They walk down a ward with children who are terribly, terribly deformed. Goldman offers up Adam as one to speak with Scully. Adam has been there forever. He doesn't think he has any parents. Scully wonders why they're in sealed rooms if they're not contagious. Cutting edge treatments. They have to rule out environmental factors.

They get a call. Something happened to Agnes. She's dead. Hit and run. The baby is gone. The baby was surgically removed. 

Dr. Goldman's wife was convicted of murdering her baby 17 years ago and called criminally insane. She's been committed ever since. The baby has never been found. She had a 2-year-old daughter who fell into the pool. She could breathe in there. She knew her husband did something to her. She didn't want her husband to have her unborn son, either.

She suddenly fell to the ground, hearing a piercing sound in her head. She knew what she had to do. She sliced open her stomach and let him out. She passed out and woke up in the hospital. Scully thinks although she sounds delusional, she's trustworthy. Mulder notices the cleaning crew. It's the same one that was right next door to where Sanjay was when he killed himself.

High School drop out Kyle Gilligan. Is he Goldman's baby?

Mulder starts asking Kyle's mother where she got him. Birds gather. Bad things happen when birds gather, she says. Mulder goes down. Scully takes off running.

They get him and take him away.

He just wants to find his sister. He knows Jackie is his real sister. Scully takes him to Goldman. Kyle asks him directly. Where's Molly? Goldman says he's going to let him meet Molly. But Kyle isn't stupid. He knows the girl in front of him isn't his sister. He runs. They can speak telepathically. They can do a lot. Sound waves, tossing people across the room, you name it.

Mulder managed to escape with Kyle's blood.

It's Mulder's turn to imagine life with William. Watching Planet of the Apes, shooting off rockets in the back yard, William hoping to be an astronaut, William getting abducted by aliens instead. Cut to him looking at the baby photo.


The X-Files
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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 2 Quotes

Scully: Sanjay heard sounds right before he committed suicide. It could be you, Mulder. This is dangerous.
Mulder: When has that ever stopped us before?

I'm old school, Mulder. Pre Google.