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PART I: Maggie offers to help Heather find out if Michael was aware that Phyllis tried to leave town. She then approaches Paul for his help. Michael warns his client, Daniel and Nick that the D.A. knows Phyllis tried to skip town which could cost her at her sentencing.

PART II: When Jack (Peter Bergman) learns this, he asks Sharon if she told the D.A. She denies it but admits that she did consider telling the police since she wanted to make Phyllis pay for what she did. While she talks with Nick about Phyllis, Sharon figures out that it must have been Brad who went to the D.A. Ben spots Nick embracing Sharon and reminds him that she's married.

PART III: Sharon later advises Jack that she told Brad about Phyllis leaving with Summer and guesses that he dropped a dime on Phyllis. When a probation officer questions Jack about Phyllis, he denies knowing anything about an attempt to flee and lies that she was ill. Sharon also lies to the probation officer. After Kevin leaks that his mother is going to pay for Jana's surgery, Colleen jokes that he must have blackmailed her after she killed someone.

PART IV: Assigning him power of attorney for Jana, Michael points out to Kevin how he changed his opinion of her. Later, Jana's doctor warns Kevin and Colleen that she may die due to the tumor. Ben urges Sharon not to do anything to hurt Jack's campaign. Jack disagrees when Ben guesses Nick will come after Sharon if Phyllis ends up in prison and considers firing his campaign manager.

PART V: During her interview, the probation officer spots Phyllis' wig in her purse. Phyllis tries to cover for it as does Nick when he arrives. Maggie shows Heather an airport photo of Phyllis wearing a wig and holding Summer, dated the same day as her verdict date.

The Young and the Restless
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